Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Current Structure

Company current organizational structure:

  • The Impaqtt Foundation is a non-profit organization. Dr. Joel Epstein is the current president of the Foundation.
  • CancerMed Holding BV is the overarching private company. Director dr. Christine Boers-Doets is a 100% shareholder of CancerMed Holding BV.
  • CancerMed BV is the operating company (100% CancerMed Holding BV) for the development, production and sale of CancerMed services and products.

To be able to achieve our goals faster and with more ease, we need to expand our organizational structure into one foundation and a holding with 3 BV’s.

To make this happen, besides experts like

English native copywriter,

event manager,

social media manager, and

graphic designer,

we need to bring in professionals with

management and business backgrounds

to join the business and take it forward. 

Awaited Structure

Company awaited organizational structure:

  • Impaqtt - CancerMed’s Adverse Event Research & Valorisation Foundation: Where we initiate and write adverse event management study outlines and ensure that gained knowledge will be made available for patients and their support system.
  • CancerMed’s Training & Mentoring Academy: Where our curricula guide people who are dealing on a daily basis with cancer medication and their adverse events into adverse event experts.
  • CancerMed’s Inspiration & Reward Stores ‘Gifts for Care’: Where we sell products like mugs, brochures, books, etc. to inspire and empower visitors of our CancerMed Centers and online stores. 
  • CancerMed’s Facilitation & Exploration Centers: Where we rent out or buy real estate for exploiting purpose.

The object of such organizational structure is to promote combination movement so that outcomes of research can be valorised fast, upsell be promoted, competition may be eliminated, advantages of monopoly or near monopoly may be enjoyed and economies in production and management may be secured.
The four separate business models are outlined below.

The Impaqtt Foundation

Impaqtt is CancerMed’s Adverse Event Research & Valorisation Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to enlighten the treatment of patients with cancer and advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer worldwide by facilitating breakthrough research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge about adverse events resulting from cancer medication.

Our social responsibility policy is based in the foundation. Here we initiate and write adverse event management study outlines and ensure that gained knowledge will be made available for patients and their support system. We provide lectures for people with cancer starting with a targeted anticancer therapy and also for patients who are on a targeted anticancer therapy and are bothered by adverse events caused by these treatments. This way we ensure people with cancer are informed about their treatment and know how to handle their cancer medication and the accompanying adverse events.

Training & Mentoring Academy

Our Training & Mentoring Academy evolves stakeholders into Adverse Event Experts.

The training and mentoring market for CancerMed is gigantic: 

  • stakeholders are expected to know how to handle these drugs safely and effectively
  • stakeholders are expected to be familiar with fundamental adverse event measures
  • policymakers in pharma and biotech are expected to be able to unleash the potential of their cancer medication 

We have a tailored training program for each of the key stakeholders.

Inspiration & Reward Stores ‘Gifts for Care’

Our Inspiration & Reward Stores ‘Gifts for Care’ sell products like mugs, brochures, booklets, books, etc. to inspire and empower visitors of our CancerMed Centers and online stores. We currently have a ‘Gifts for Care’ store on and The mugs will be printed by Gearbubble on demand with a design we have created and Gearbubble will send the mugs directly to the customers.

People who visit our physical stores in the CancerMed centers after a lecture, workshop or training, will find mugs like: 

You are the luckiest doctor in the world. I would love to have me as a patient” and 

Don’t talk to me, I’m counting my pills” in the stores. We also sell our printed books and brochures in the CancerMed stores. In the online stores we sell these too, inclusive the digital versions. Currently we sell mugs. Actually, the designs we created may be printed on T-shirts, Hoodies, Phone Covers Mugs, Hats, Beanies, etc. as well. These options are all included in the program we have access to in Gearbubble. These gifts are of upmost interest for those who are searching for a “Thank you” gift for their doctor, nurse, caregiver, colleague or just for themselves.

Exploration & Facilitation Centers

Where science meets practice

Where body meets mind

Where seasoned veteran meets newbie

Based on our scientifically models we aim to create CancerMed Centers globally. The centers are patient driven co-care centers; a location where people can find knowledge, inspiration, treatment and much more. We help patients with all kind of cancers to complete target cancer treatment as planned. 

The bigger centers have an open, green and welcoming atmosphere. In one day, one can find adequate information about comforting measures during cancer treatment on various levels. The centers are accessible to disabled people and disabled people are part of our amazing team!