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Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

Are you overwhelmed in your daily practice

and can’t seem to figure out 

how to deliver excellent side effects care?

It’s time to do something different to get you to 

where you want to be. We can help you figure out

what you need to do next with a FREE Call.

Are you overwhelmed in your daily practice and can’t seem to figure out how to deliver excellent side effects care?

There are endless ways to get stuck, and there is no one size fits all solution.

  1. Maybe you do feel like you’ve let your patients down?
  2. Maybe the question remains which assessments to perform and which medications to put in?
  3. Maybe you feel stuck because you either didn’t apply the tips you received at all, the given measures didn’t work, or you applied them but relapsed back into old patterns.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re in the right place.

Doing more of the same OR simply doing more are not good

strategies for getting side effects in control.

If you really want to deliver excellent side effects care…

If you don’t want to perform unnecessary dose modifications…

And if you want to save time, and endow life…


You need to deliver excellent side effects care the smart way and we can help get you started.


Here’s what to expect in your call:

  • It’s 100% free
  • You’ll get a focused 25-minute private call with Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, Senior Side Effects Expert.
  • Your session is based on the proven approach we share with our coaching program clients
  • You’ll come out of the call with clarity on your best next steps
  • If you’re a great fit for one of our programs, we will invite you to work with us. There is never any pressure to buy!

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Let us know a bit more about your daily practice to make sure this call makes sense for you right now. All your responses are kept confidential. 


We want to make sure that you are a fit for how we can help.


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We’ve helped thousands of hemato-oncology practitioners

deliver excellent side effects care. 

I know for a fact that creating a successful side effects practice is possible for you.

Because if these hemato-oncology practitioners can do it, you can do it, too!

Marianne Klinkhamer

Clinical Nurse Specialist Oncology

Marianne prevented patients from quitting their cancer treatment prematurely.

Prof. Olivia Pagani, Medical Oncologist

Prof. Olivia Pagani and her team are now prepared for the side effects of current and future medications to come.

Dr. Ferdinand Haslbauer, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Ferdinand Haslbauers side effects measures were 95% correctly performed, with tiny tweaks they became effective.

DGKP Bianca Schedler & DGKP Karin Pennetzdorfer

By applying the Ask-method, the nurses Bianca and Karin now are way more effective in improving their patients quality of life

What do all these hemato-oncology practitioners have in common?

Some of them are physicians, some are nurses, but all of them made an excellent choice:

They decided to get support and not do it all on their own.

Now is your time to step up and take action

Today studies show:

A staggering 55% of patients get a dose reduction or dose delay because of side effects.
55%! 🤨
Imagine it would be you! 😪

But that can be over ✋ now!

Now, and even at this very moment, there are patients out there who you are responsible for who suffer from severe and sustaining side effects. There is a huge chance they will be taken off their lifesaving or life-prolonging cancer treatment today of severe and sustaining side effects. Not just in 6 months. They may be already dead by then. Those patients will have the feeling you can’t hold what you promised. Therefore you do not want to wait to take education till the pandemic is over because the current patients need you and your expertise too.

This means that NOW is your time to take action.

And there have never been better opportunities to learn how to deliver excellent side effects care than now.

So, let’s hop on a call!

Christine will help you figure out the best next step in your side effects practice. Our approach is to give no-nonsense,
no fluff, straight-up advice so you can take action right away.

Take us up on this call and get the perspective of a coach who has helped hemato-oncology practitioners like you to deliver excellent side effects care.

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