CancerMed | 7 Fundamental Stages of Cancer Medication Success

Help patients conquer cancer                          

Advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer

Help patients conquer cancer

Advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer

Would you like to know:

  • How to gain and maintain more patients longer on lifesaving and life-sustaining cancer medication?
  • How to design truly long-lasting cancer medication success, versus a bundle of fluff that will not bring you the results you desire?
  • The secret to increase the value of cancer medication... even when the efficacy can’t be increased any more?

We can help.

Our mission is to help patients conquer cancer and advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer.

We do this by facilitating cancer medication professionals applying 7 cancer medication core competencies.
Targeted therapies inclusive immuno-oncology & endocrine therapy have our upmost attention.

We offer Trainings & Programs to cancer drugs leaders who want to become excellent with massive impact. Since the start of the company in 2012, CancerMed has grown into numerous programs and trainings including Christine's Signature Talk ACCELERATE CANCER MEDICATION SUCCESS - by applying 5 Success Elements, serving 16,000 students globally.

We know


CancerMed has extended experience in the cancer medication sector offering a range of services and products to clients with a range of needs. Our training is based on extensive experience, practice, evidence based knowledge and research.

We know


We support the development of a skilled and confident workforce to meet the changing demands of our growing sector. We provide the best possible training for all stakeholders of the Cancer Medication Success Chain to enable them to fulfil the potential of cancer drugs.

We know

We know the field. We know the regulatory hurdles. We know the stakeholders. We know the many hurdles you have to overcome on the road to cancer medication success. We know how you can support patients to complete their lifesaving and life-sustaining treatment.

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