Side Effects Mastery Seminar

Side Effects Mastery Seminar

Increase your success in side effects
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The seminar took place on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

You can watch the replay here.

You know that outdated and postponed side effects measures will not help you get side effects in control.

If you did put a lot of effort into getting yourself equipped with up-to-date side effect measures, BUT even so you found yourself a consumer of endless courses that didn’t deliver you the effective measures you were seeking to master the imposing, debilitating, and devastating side effects, you need a different approach.

Side Effects Mastery is your chance to leave behind the outdated, fragmented, and shallow side effects measures, and apply up-to-date, congruent, and profound side effects measures instead, that not only will help you get side effects in control, it supports cancer treatment full dose on time.

In this free online seminar, I’ll show you how.

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See you at the seminar!

Your Christine 


Christine Boers-Doets, PhD

✅ If we haven't met before, I'm Christine, a side effects expert in targeted therapy for cancer, nurse-scientist, author, trainer, coach, and mentor.

✅ I help people who are professionally or privately facing the side effects of (targeted) therapies in hemato-oncology to master them hard, early & short.

In this seminar, I'll show you how you can optimize your side effects strategies today!

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Your Christine