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CancerMed’s side effect Research & Development Foundation


CancerMed’s side effect
Research & Development Foundation


The mission of the foundation is to enlighten the treatment of patients with cancer and advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer worldwide by facilitating breakthrough research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge about side effects resulting from cancer medication.

We have developed a patient-driven side effect approach that enables patients to be the owner of their cancer treatment.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility policy is based in the foundation. Here we initiate and write adverse event management study outlines and ensure that gained knowledge will be made available for patients and their support system. We provide lectures for people with cancer starting with a targeted anticancer therapy and also for patients who are on a targeted anticancer therapy and are bothered by adverse events caused by these treatments. This way we ensure people with cancer are informed about their treatment and know how to handle their cancer medication and the accompanying adverse events.



IMPAQTT stands for the impact on a crucial period in one's life; 

the focus, meaning and result-oriented nature of targeted therapy and quality of life (the Q) and

scrutinizing and analyzing the adverse events of targeted anticancer therapy (the TT).

IMPAQTT stands for the impact on a crucial period in one's life; the focus, meaning and result-oriented nature of targeted therapy and Quality of life (the Q) and scrutinizing and analyzing the adverse events of Targeted anticancer Therapy (the TT).

Research & dissemination

  • The primary objective of the IMPAQTT FOUNDATION is to conduct leading research on targeted anticancer therapy-associated adverse events assessing frequency and severity, and their prevention and management. 
  • The secondary objective is to develop and disseminate widely best evidence for prevention and management of targeted anticancer therapy-associated adverse events.

Simple, low-cost methods

At IMPAQTT FOUNDATION we demonstrate that with simple, low-cost methods, millions of people suffering from adverse events of the cancer treatments can be redeemed. Cancer therapy for example, costs per patient between €6,000-€15,000 each month. Simple methods exist to treat the adverse events of targeted cancer therapies, such as vinegar baths.

Spread the word

  • We want to spread the word and conduct more research.
  • We are training as many doctors, nurses, and patients as possible around the world.
  • We have built up a global network of oncologists, nurses, and scientists - all experts in their respective field – from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA, and many more.

Join Us

With simple methods, there is so much we can do...together!

But we need your help.

Join us to raise the necessary funds...and spread the word!

Help us to help the patients to complete their treatment as planned!

Meet our President Joel B. Epstein,

Professor, Dr. DMD, MSD, FRCD(C), FDS RCS(Edin)

I work at City of Hope, Duarte, US as a Diplomate, American Board of Oral Medicine.

I focused on oral medicine and oral oncology needs throughout my career including detection and diagnosis of oral cancer, pretreatment and during cancer treatment oral care and throughout survivorship. My current work is focused on oral complications and comprehensive oral care of cancer patients at cancer centers in Los Angeles. Prior to this I have been Head of an academic program at the University of Illinois in Chicago Illinois, University of Washington in Seattle and Vancouver Hospital and the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver, B.C.

The combination between oral and dermatological adverse events which come along with many targeted anticancer therapies, has my special interest. If you want to learn more about me and my network, you can find me on LinkedIn and at Oralmedicinepacific.

Sincerely yours,

Joel B. Epstein

Joel Epstein & Christine Boers-Doets

Join us in our mission

Help us to generate and spread sustainable solutions for the challenges that patients encounter while on targeted anticancer treatment

Help us to help patients complete their cancer treatment as planed




IBAN: NL14 ABNA 0554 4981 89 

Thank you in advance on behalf of the patients,

Dr. Joel B. Epstein, President

Dr. Christine B. Boers-Doets, Founder & Senior Researcher

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