Curriculum Vitae Dr. Christine Bettine Boers-Doets

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

Explore my full CV below

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

Explore my full CV below

CV in a Nutshell

1968 Born on April 19 in Rheinberg, Germany

1992 BSc Degree in Nursing, Alkmaar

1997 MSc Degree in Health Sciences, major Nursing Science, Utrecht University

1997 Clinical Nurse Specialist Oncology, Waterland Hospital, Purmerend

2007 Head of Scientific Office Esperanz

2011 Ambassador MASCC, The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

2012 Foundation of Impaqtt, CancerMed's Side Effects Research & Dissemination Foundation

2012 Foundation of CancerMed, Senior Consultant & Trainer

2014 Publication of the book ‘The TARGET System’

2019 Foundation of CancerMed Side Effects Institute B.V., Senior Trainer, Coach & Mentor

2019 PhD Degree, Leiden University

2021 Patient Advocate of the Dutch Breast Cancer Association (BVN)

2024 Chair of the National Consultation of Oncology Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (LOOV)


Hi, I'm Christine

Great that you came here and that you are interested in my background. 

Much more important than my background is the number of people I have helped eliminate the side effects of targeted anticancer treatments. Read their testimonials first before you continue reading my online CV.


Because there are so many people out there suffering from the side effects of targeted anticancer therapies. 

We need to avoid the heartbreaking situation in which we are treating cancer and, as a result, saddle the patients with imposing, debilitating, and devastating side effects that demand more attention than the cancer and cancer treatment itself.

Can those people count on you?

You can find endorsements for the TARGET System here.

You can find recommendations for my work here.

I have been featured in different kinds of media. Explore the articles here.

Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, the Side Effects Doctor


I aim to accelerate enhanced cancer treatment outcomes through early, hard, and short side effects management. 

Side effects appear to be the “Achilles' Heel” of cancer medications.

The need to address the poorly understood side effects of targeted anticancer therapies sparked my interest and became my research program. The specific goal of my research program is to develop, translate, validate, and implement healthcare provider assessment tools and patient-reported outcome measures (PRO) and to generate and implement practical measures to improve HRQoL so patients can receive therapy full dose on time.

I made a groundbreaking discovery: the TARGET method. Since then, my mantra has been: Don’t perform any dose delay, dose reduction, or early stoppage without applying up-to-date side effects measures with a proven strategy that works first!

I teach this approach to anyone who wants to reverse the development of side effects.

Work Experience

Below my employment history is stated, including positions and descriptions:

2019/08 – present | Founder, Side Effects Expert, Senior Trainer, Coach & Mentor at CancerMed Side Effects Institute B.V.

I provide motivational lectures, inspiring masterclasses, and transformational intensives to an interdisciplinary and global audience. I have developed a side effects curriculum, which can be found in CancerMed Valley, the online side effects campus. Our programs are taken by the entire chain of disciplines involved in the side effects of cancer medication, from biotech through healthcare professionals to patients.

Explore the Recommendations for my approach here.   

2013/06 – 2019/08 | Founder & Adviser, Investigator, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach at CancerMed (Sole Proprietorship)

My main activity was to help 21 pharmaceutical companies develop material like brochures, slide decks, training, and webpages that help healthcare professionals get the most out of their drug so patients can benefit from the lifesaving or life-prolonging cancer treatments for a longer period and with improved quality of life. I served the following pharmaceutical companies: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Baxalta, Bayer, Becton Dickinson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, EusaPharma, Galera, GlaxoSmithKline, Helsinn, Ipsen, Lilly, Lifestream Pharma, Merck Serono, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nordic Pharma, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi Aventis, and Takeda. I also served as a trainer. 

Explore my Track Record here

2012/03 – 2024-03 | Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Senior Side Effects Researcher at IMPAQTT Foundation

Impaqtt is CancerMed’s Side Effects Research & Dissemination Foundation. I founded the Impaqtt Foundation in 2012. The foundation's mission is to enlighten the treatment of cancer patients and advance the lives of millions of people living with cancer worldwide by facilitating breakthrough research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge about side effects resulting from cancer medication. Only through a joint approach in which we bring together knowledge and funds can we improve the lives of people with cancer globally.

Learn more about the Impaqtt Foundation here.

2013/07 – 2015/07 | Researcher at the Department of Medical Oncology at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Leiden, The Netherlands

As part of my PhD program, I worked as a researcher to perform the study handling for the patients included in the LUMC in my two clinical trials.

2007/11 - 2012/05 | Head of the Science Office at Esperanz

Esperanz was an overarching oncology organization for the three hospitals in Zaandam (Zaans Medical Center), Purmerend (Waterland Hospital, now Dijklander), and Hoorn (Westfriesgasthuis, now Dijklander). As Head of the Science Office, I was responsible for all processes (e.g., substantive, business, financial, and logistical processes) of all clinical trials carried out under the umbrella of Esperanz.

2001/06 – 2007/09 | Board member at Institutional Review Board (IRB) Noord Holland in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. In Dutch ‘Medisch Ethische Toetsings Commissie’ (METC).

The METC oversees clinical research for the region of Noord Holland. I have been a member since its founding in June 2001.

1997/09 – 2012/05 | Clinical Nurse Specialist, Research Coordinator & IRB member at Waterland Hospital (now Dijklander), Purmerend, The Netherlands.

  • I worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for patients with all kinds of cancer and all treatment options.
  • From March 1998 to March 2006, I was a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Dutch Medical Ethics Committee (MEC). The MEC oversees the conduct of clinical research and ethical issues for the Waterland Hospital. I have been a member since its founding in March 1998.
  • From July 2006 to May 2012, I also worked as a research coordinator at the Waterland Hospital's Oncology Clinical Trials Office.

1992/03 – 1997/08 | Registered Nurse at St. Lucas Andreas Hospital, Location Lucas (Now OLVG-West), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I worked for the first 1.5 years in the lung disease/ thoracic surgery/ neurosurgery department and then in the internal medicine department (oncology/ hematology/ gastroenterology).

1990/07 – 1991/07 | Homecare Nurse at Foundation Home Care for Disabled, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (Stichting Thuiszorg Voor Gehandicapten)

Two weeks in July 1990 and three weeks in July 1991. This was 24-hour home care during the holiday period.

1984/07 – 1985/07 | Nurse student at St. Josef Hospital, Moers, Germany

I worked as a nurse student on a surgical ward for women, combined with the Home Economics School (Haushaltsschule). Because I was not 18 years old then, I was obligated to attend class once a week.


Below, my educational background is stated:

2008/04 – 2019/09 | External PhD candidate at the Department of Medical Oncology at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Leiden, The Netherlands. Result: PhD Degree.

The multinational interdisciplinary research program (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and City of Hope, USA; The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, and the Netherlands) was put together by patients, medical oncologists, dermatologists, dentists, a quality of life specialist (medical psychologist), a FACIT member, a pathologist, a statistician, and nurses.

Supervisors: ME Lacouture (dermatologist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA), JB Epstein (oral surgeon oncology, City of Hope, Duarte, USA), JWR Nortier (medical oncologist, LUMC), AA Kaptein (psychologist, LUMC), and H Gelderblom (medical oncologist, LUMC).

The central question of my dissertation was whether available methods and instruments can serve as a basis for the realization of an integrated patient-driven approach to targeted therapy-associated adverse events for the best outcome possible. We performed the following studies:

  1. Compose literature reviews
  2. Developing DERETT, translating FACT-EGFRI-18, VHNSS2.0, and validating these assessment tools.
  3. Clinical trial (NCT01136005): Phase III Randomized Double-Blind Trial of Bepanthen® Cream Versus Cetomacrogol Cream in the Prevention of papulopustular eruption in Patients Receiving EGFRI: BeCet.
  4. Clinical trial (NCT01265810): Phase III Randomized Double-blind Crossover trial of Supersaturated Calcium-phosphate rinse (Caphosol®) versus NaCl 0.9% in the relief of Oral Mucositis in renal cell carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, and gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients receiving targeted therapy: COMTT.

On September 4, 2019, I successfully defended my thesis, ‘Towards a patient-driven approach to adverse events of targeted agents in oncology. '

1993/08 – 1997/06 | Health Sciences; subdivision Nursing Science (Gezondheidswetenschappen, afstudeerrichting Verplegingswetenschap) at University of Utrecht (UU), Utrecht, The Netherlands. Result: MSc Degree

Supervisors: RH van Linge, JAM Winnubst; My graduation project was about decision-making & implementation strategies regarding primary process innovations. Title of the thesis: Perception of the Implementation Interventions: Research about the perception of the applied implementation interventions related to the nursing process for nurses in the workplace.

1992/10 – 1993/07 | Mathematics (VWO) at Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (LOI), Leiderdorp, The Netherlands.

I needed to have high school mathematics to study health sciences, so I took this course from home.

1991/08 – 1992/01 | Nursing Education at Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs Verpleegkunde (HBO-V), Inholland Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Result: BSc Degree.

Class 4 because I moved to Alkmaar. 

Internship of 3½ months at Westfries Gasthuis, Hoorn, department of lung diseases.

1987/08 – 1991/07 | Nursing Education at Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs Verpleegkunde (HBO-V), Inholland Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Internships of 3½ months at:

  • Elkerliek, Helmond (General Hospital), first-class medical care department
  • Grote Beek, Eindhoven (Psychiatry), supportive follow-up treatment 
  • Eckartdal, Eindhoven (Mentally Disabled), elderly people with strongly deviant behavior

1985/08 – 1987/07 | Senior General Secondary Education (Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (HAVO)), at Jerusalem Venray, The Netherlands

Because I moved to the Netherlands but didn’t have a Dutch Education, I needed to take classes 4 and 5 to receive the Dutch equivalent of the German Certification.

1984/08 – 1985/07 | Home Economics School (Haushaltsschule), Moers, Germany

The home economics school prepares for further training. I was obligated to attend class once a week because I was not 18 years old then.

1978/08 – 1984/07 | Senior General Secondary Education at Realschule Rheinkamp, Moers, Germany. 

1972/09 – 1978/07 | Elementary School (Grundschule) at Waldschule Schwafheim, Moers, Germany. 

Professional Skills

Innovation: 5 

  • Exceptional knowledge about reversing the severe side effects of targeted anticancer therapies, including hormonal therapies and immuno-oncology, into mild side effects: The Reversible Effect.
  • Exceptional knowledge about innovating the side effects approach by developing the revolutionary TARGET method. Explore the endorsements and more on the TARGET method page.
  • Strong experience with course curricular development with a commitment to program completion.

Teaching: 5

  • Extremely experienced in teaching, from novice to expert, in English, Dutch, and German.
  • Extremely experienced with public speaking at conferences, symposia, workshops, training days, webcasts, et cetera.
  • Familiarity with offline, online, and hybrid learning and the accompanying internet technology.

Coaching & Mentoring: 5

  • Exceptional experience in interdisciplinary training: patients, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists all in one room interacting with one another.
  • Deep experience in leading side effects research & study protocol development.
  • Thorough knowledge of open-ended questioning, non-verbal communication, and active listening.

Counseling: 4

  • I have a great knowledge of working in a higher education setting and providing academic advising and counseling.
  • Thorough experience in supervising BSc, MSc & PhD students from Hogeschool of Nijmegen (HAN), Utrecht University (UU), and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).
  • Outstanding knowledge of individual counseling techniques.

Leadership: 5

  • Outstanding experience with chair and board positions.
  • Outstanding ability to work collaboratively with other departments, institutions, and organizations globally.
  • Extreme ability to work in a changing environment; investigate, recognize and deal with priorities, take corrective actions, and assist others as needed.

Financial Acquisition: 4

  • I have extensive experience applying for grants and funding for research, travel, training, workshops, symposia, and crowdfunding.

Review Experience: 5

  • Thorough knowledge about the review process of manuscripts, theses, and abstracts.

Teamwork: 5

  • Remarkable ability to work effectively with senior members.
  • Immense ability to bring people together in an interdisciplinary team setting – inclusive the patients.
  • Amazing ability to effectively, professionally, and tactfully interact and communicate with others. 

Technology: 4

  • Proficient with software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet programs, bookkeeping programs, et cetera.
  • Thorough knowledge about the development of side effects assessment, grading, and management apps.
  • Proficient with e-learning modules, e-buddy, app-process development, et cetera.

Volunteer: 3

  • I have extensive experience serving as a volunteer, such as a patient advocate, practical help for vulnerable people living in our hometown, board member, and chair.

Language Skills

Dutch: fluent

German: fluent

English: fluent


Below, a fraction of the courses I have taken is stated. The list is much longer, but to give you an idea of what kind of courses I have taken through the years:

2021/10 - 2022/04 | Compelling Copywriting at Wendy White. 

How to attract staff & customers with your message

2021/01 - present | Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Sigrun GMBH. Zurich, Switzerland. 

Online education specializing in entrepreneurship, content development, policy & strategy, and marketing & sales.

2021/01 - 2021/05 | Branding & Design School at Carola Beleeft, as part of To-Cie.

2014/01 - 2017/12 | Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Open Circles Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

(e.g., How to write a book in 28 days and Master Presenter)

2015/10/14 – 2015/0/15 | WHHT Congres - Moet alles wat kan & kan alles wat moet. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015/04/12 – 2015/04/14 | Statistical Aspects of Clinical Trials. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015/02/19 | PhD-candidate Day 2015: ‘The only way is up!' Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2014/02/16 – 2014/02/17 | (BROK) Wet- en Regelgeving voor senior onderzoekers. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2012/11/13 | Van CRF tot Database 2012-II. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2012/10/07 – 2012/10/08 | Dealing with Conflicting Demands. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2012/02/01 | PhD-candidate Day 2012. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2011/10/25 – 2011/10/27 | Meta Analyses. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2010/10/20 | PhD-candidate day 2010. Boerhaave Courseat Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2009/10 | Clinical Drug Research in Oncology. Boerhaave Course at  Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

(Klinisch Geneesmiddelenonderzoek in de Oncologie). 

2009/05/03 – 2009/05/07 | Clinical Trials. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2009/03 – 2009/04 | Communication in Science II. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands. This is a seven-day course that teaches English oral and writing skills (abstract, article, poster, and PowerPoint presentation of own research).

2009/01/19 – 2009/02/16 | Communication in Science I. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2008/11/25 – 2008/11/26 & 2010/4 | Design and interpretation of research in human subjects. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands Opzet en Interpretatie van Mensgebonden Onderzoek. 

2008/09 | Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands.

2008/06/16 | Introduction day for new PhD students. Boerhaave Course at Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

Introductiedag nieuwe promovendi. 

2006/04 – 2006/06 | National Training Program Medical Ethical Review at Nationaal Opleidingstraject Medisch-Ethische Toetsing, NOMET. 

2000 | Medical-Ethics Committees at Instituut voor Gezondheidsethiek (Medisch-ethische commissies) 

1999 | Project Work at Van Aggelen & Partners BV. (Projectmatig werken)

1999/01 – 1999/02 | Work conference Good Clinical Practice & Law Medical Research on Humans (Wet Medisch-Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek met Mensen)

1998/01 | Communication in Oncology at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Amsterdam (Integraal Kankercentrum Amsterdam), Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Communiceren in de oncologie)

1997/10 – 1998/01 | Basic Training Oncology at Waterland Hospital, Purmerend, The Netherlands. 

1997 | Writing for Publication at Hogeschool Utrecht (College of Utrecht)

Publiceren voor afgestudeerde wetenschappers

1993 | Basic Training Oncology at St. Lucas Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Conferences & Symposia

I attended National and International conferences, symposia, and lectures (e.g. HOVON, V&VN Oncology, ONS, ICCN, MASCC/ISOO ECCO/ESMO, ASCO, etc)


1997 – 2004 | Society of Masters in Nursing (Vereniging voor Verplegingswetenschappers; VerVe)

Board member from 1998- 2001

1997/09 - 2017/09 | Nursing and Care Netherlands - Oncology (Verpleging en Verzorging Nederland; V&VN) - Oncologie

1998/03 – present | National Consultation Oncology Nurses (Landelijk Overleg Oncologieverpleegkundigen en Verpleegkundig Specialisten; LOOV))

Board member from 1998 - present

2007/06 – 2014/02 | SIG (Special Interest Group) Immuno/Targeted Therapy

Chairman project group ‘Brochures and guidelines’ and active member of the project groups 'conference committee' and 'education'.

2007/03 – present | Oncology Nursing Society; ONS

1997/09 – present | European Oncology Nursing Society; EONS

2007/03 – present | Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep; BOOG)  Chairman of the nursing advisory board BOOG-PIVOTAL from June 2008 –June 2013

2010/09 - present | Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer; MASCC

Ambassador and active member of the Oncodermatology, Mucositis, and Education Study Groups of the MASCC/ISOO alliance, which works on treatment recommendations for the management of skin reactions associated with anticancer therapies and impanel evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for mucositis. The Oncodermatology Study Group has undertaken the project of determining treatment recommendations for managing skin reactions caused by EGFRI agents. As a member of the Study Group, I volunteered to review and evaluate evidence-based research and articles in the skin reactions category “dry skin.” The Mucositis Study Group has over 250 international researchers interested in mucositis. The Mucositis Study Group's major goal is to improve outcomes of patients experiencing oral and gastrointestinal mucositis associated with anticancer therapies. A major current effort of the Mucositis Study Group is updating evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for mucositis.

2012/09 - present | European School of Oncology; e-ESO

e-ESO is a free platform created by the European School of Oncology to provide e-learning opportunities for oncology professionals and other physicians interested in oncology.

2013/02  – present | American Society of Clinical Oncology; ASCO

2013/06 – present | International Society of Oral Oncology; ISOO

See also: Board of directors

2018/01 -present | Advanced Breast Cancer; ABC

Faculty Member of ABC4 and 5.

2018/01 - present | Advanced Breast Cancer; ABC Global Alliance

The ABC Global Alliance, established in 2016 as an initiative of the European School of Oncology and now registered as a non-profit association in Portugal, is a multi-stakeholder platform for all those interested in collaborating on common projects relating to advanced breast cancer (ABC) worldwide.

Chair Position

2008-06 – 2013-06 | BOOG-PIVOTAL (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep; BOOG). Member of the Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group since March 2007. The BOOG is a collaborative study group founded in April 2001 to initiate, promote, coordinate, and facilitate clinical breast cancer trials. In particular, the group focuses on developing and conducting phase II and III trials. In June 2008, I became the founder and chair of the Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL. The Nursing Advisory Board provides practical and logistical advice about implementing BOOG trials in clinical settings. The group also participates in the development of nursing protocols and the review of study information for patients. I was chair of the Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL till June 2013 and am still a BOOG member.

2007-06 – 2014-02 | Special Interest Group (SIG) Targeted- & Immunotherapy (Doelgerichte en immunotherapie) of the Dutch Oncology Nursing Society (V&VN Oncologie). The Project Group ‘Brochures and guidelines’ writes targeted agent-specific brochures for patients and health care providers. A national guideline about managing targeted therapies' side effects was developed. I was also an active member of the project groups 'conference committee' and 'education' of the SIG Immuno/targeted therapy. The Conference committee organizes SIG sessions addressing Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy during the annual National Oncology Nursing Conference. The Education group developed the Dutch version of the TARGET course, initially developed by EONS, the European Oncology Nursing Society. I also served as a speaker. The Education group also developed an e-learning program, wherein I was responsible for the Oncodermatology section.

Board Position

2013/06 – 2015/06 | International Society of Oral Oncology (ISOO)

A MASCC/ISOO alliance that promotes scientific exchange among health care professionals in oncology, cytotoxic therapy, and its impact on the oral environment.

2008/06 – 2013/06 | Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL

Founder and chair. BOOG is the Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep). The Nursing Advisory Board provides practical and logistical advice about implementing BOOG trials in clinical settings. The group also participates in the development of nursing protocols and the review of study information for patients. I was chair of the Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL till June 2013, and I’m still a BOOG member.

2001/06 – 2007/09 | Institutional Review Board (IRB) Noord Holland

Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC) Noord Holland Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 

The METC oversees the conduct of clinical research for the region of Noord Holland.

1998/03 – 2006/03 | Institutional Review Board (IRB) Waterland Hospital

Medical Ethics Committee (MEC) Waterland Hospital, Purmerend, The Netherlands.

The MEC oversees the conduct of clinical research and ethical issues for the Waterland Hospital.

1998/03 – present | National Consultation Oncology Nurses (Landelijk Overleg Oncologie Verpleegkundigen; LOOV)

Members are nurses who are actively developing new nursing skills and knowledge. This group aims to exchange information related to institutional and national best practices in oncology nursing to lower the threshold for the implementation and dissemination of innovative advances in the field. Between 2018 and 2021, I had a break in the board membership due to my PhD project. On April 16, 2024, I became the chair. 

1997 – 2004 | Society of Masters in Nursing (Vereniging voor Verplegingswetenschappers; VerVe)

VerVe's objective was to develop and maintain a network of nurses with advanced scientific training and experience. VerVe researched and applied its results to promote and support professional practice, which was performed by organizing lectures and the bi-annual Flemish-Dutch Scientific Congress. In addition, I was the contact person for the Netherlands Institute for Hospital Accreditation (NIAZ).

Review Experience

Peer reviewer for Eur J Oncol Nurs, Supp Care Cancer, Recent Pat Antiinfect Drug Discov, Cancer Invest, Cancer, Medicinal Research Reviews, Lancet, Breast, Journal of Pain and Symptom, Cancer Medicine, Expert Opinion On Drug Safety, Oral Oncology, MASCC study groups, etc.

Abstract reviewer for MASCC and ABC.

Thesis reviewer for Master in Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP) and bachelor students.

In the Media

In the Media

I have been featured in ASCO-Post, Future Medicine, Cancer World, Medical Facts, Medidact Oncologie, Medisch Contact, Esthécienne, Noord Hollands Dagblad, Het Financiële Dagblad, de Telegraaf, et cetera.

Explore the full list here:



I have written articles, books, and book chapters. 

Read more about my work at PubMed and Research Gate or my own list of Publications.

Grants & Funding

  • Research Grants: AstraZeneca 5K, OthoBiotech 7.5K, EusaPharma 10K, Novartis 13.5K, Amgen 15K, Roche 15K, Pfizer 16K, Bayer 20K, GlaxoSmithKline 20K.
  • Travel Grants: EusaPharma, Amgen, Novartis, OncoWijs, Merck Serono, V&VN Oncology, Comprehensive Cancer Center (IKA), MASCC.
  • Training Grants:
    1. Comprehensive Cancer Center (IKA): 2011; Dermatological assessment training; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dermatology Service, USA.
    2. Novartis: 2012; Oral Cavity assessment training; University of Connecticut Health Center, Department of Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences, USA.
  • Workshop Grant: Unrestricted Grant for a non-CME workshop at the annual society meeting of MASCC in Berlin, 2013. Merck and Bayer participated in a total of 12K.
  • Symposium Grants: Unrestricted Grants for the first Impaqtt Symposium on September 4, 2019, from Lifestream Pharma, Caresse Cosmetics, Bayer, Pfizer, Ipsen, Amgen, EusaPharma, Lilly, Merck, Nordic Pharma, and Novartis, in total with 19K.
  • Crowdfunding To be able to develop the TARGET app to help patients assess, grade, and treat common side effects by themselves, I organized a booster campaign in 2020/2021. We reached our goal of 25K on September 4, 2021. 


2021/12 - present | Patient Advocate BVN - Borstkankervereniging Nederland

2020/12 - present | Fadia Survive and Thrive's Scientific Advisory Board 

Learn about the Fadia Survive and Thrive Foundation here.

2020/09 - present | WelzijnWonenPlus

WelzijnWonenPlus is there to help people so that vulnerable people living at home receive appropriate help if they need it, focusing on “participation” and “everyone matters.” This support does not come from us but from the direct living environment of people who look after each other and want to be there for each other. We want to make that possible. We believe in a society where people are there for each other and help each other when necessary. We at WelzijnWonenPlus are committed to achieving this. I help with grocery shopping, driving to COVID-19 vaccination locations, and other things.