List of Publications


by Dr. Christine Bettine Boers-Doets


Boers CB: EGFR-inhibitors: Do you give the right advices? Skin reactions by epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors [EGFR-remmers: geef jij de juiste adviezen? Huidreacties door epidermale groeifactor receptor-remmers]. Oncologica. 2007;2:36-39

Boers CB, Galimont AFS, Gelderblom AJ: Skin reactions due to Erbitux treatment, patient information [Huidreacties bij een behandeling met Erbitux] provided by Merk Serono Netherlands 2009, revised edition of the patient information cards Skin reaction October 4th 2006

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Raber-Durlacher JE, Boers-Doets CB, de Graeff A: Oral complaints; Side effects of new targeted cancer therapies [Mondklachten; Bijwerkingen van nieuwe doelgerichte kankertherapieen]. Tandartspraktijk. 2012;33(9):26-31.

Boers-Doets CB: Skin toxicities caused by targeted therapies. Cancer World. 2013 March-April: 37-43.

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Boers-Doets CB, Lalla RV: The mIAS scale: a scale to measure mTOR inhibitor-associated stomatitis. Support Care Cancer. 2013;21 (S1),S140

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Boers-Doets CB. Oral Drugs: Challenges for the Oncology Nurse. The Breast. 2017;36:S24.

Boers-Doets CB, Epstein JB. Initiation of the Most Appropriate Adverse Event Treatment is More Likely to Occur if the 6 Steps of the TARGET Strategy are Taken. Acta Scientific Cancer Biology. 2021;5(1):18-27.

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The TARGET System

Boers-Doets CB. The Target System - Approach to assessment, grading, and management of dermatological & mucosal side effects of targeted anticancer therapies. First edition. 2014 IMPAQTT. ISBN/EAN: 978-94-92070-00-5



Boers-Doets CB. Towards a patient-driven approach to adverse events of targeted agents in oncology. Wormer: Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC); 2019.

Book Chapters

  • Koldenhoff JJ, Boers-Doets CB: Book Chapter 4.9 Skin Toxicity; in Huisman C, Mallo H, van Riel C, Hulshoff A, van Steijn J, Immuno-/targeted therapy in solid and hematology care [Immuno-/targeted therapie in de hemato-/oncologische zorg]. ISBN: 9789035230064. Reed Elsevier. 2008;78-87
  • Kaehler KC, Boers-Doets CB, Lacouture ME, Hauschild A. Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Reactions. In Lacouture ME, et al: Dermatologic Principles and Practice in Oncology: Conditions of the Skin, Hair, and Nails in Cancer Patients. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 9780470621882. PubliId: 31 January 2014. p.224-33.
  • Lalla RV, Boers-Doets CB. Chapter 5. Mucocutaneous Changes. In ESMO Handbook of Rehabilitation Issues During Cancer Treatment and Follow-Up. Lugano: ESMO Press; 2014. p.54-63.

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If you want to read more about my work, you can check my list of scientific publications at PubMed and Research Gate.