Unique Opportunity

Unique Opportunity

Unique Opportunity


The cancer treatment market is gigantic:

    • 1 in the 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer
    • About 42% of cancer patients will be treated with a targeted therapy
    • in many cases, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and further treatment options are available
    • about 38% of patients cannot complete their treatment as planned due to persistent adverse events

Our Opportunity

“The growing number of patients that stop premature with their targeted anticancer therapy due to ineffective approached adverse events and the many more targeted cancer agents that will come to the market that will bring the same problem, is not only a global problem to be solved, but in doing so, it is also an opportunity for creating new and sustainable businesses and healthcare.”

 - Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

The problems today

Patients report feeling distraught they don’t have effective solutions for the challenge’s they face from current and yet to come to market genomic-guided cancer treatments, which jeopardizes the ability to maintain their treatments AND decrease their chances to survive.

… people on targeted cancer drugs continue to stay alive but suffer from mental and physical discomfort…

Problem Worth Solving

The literature, professional meetings and workshops unfortunately are inadequate sources for strategies to resolve the adverse events of genomic-guided treatments. A game changer is urgently needed or more people will not get the care they require.

There will be more deaths due to treatment delays, and greater costs to individuals and the health care system associated with emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Moreover, the absence of effective strategies and clinicians skilled in managing targeted treatments inclusive immunotherapies and endocrine therapies may result in patients not being accepted into practices due to complexity and inability to resolve these adverse events.

Our Solution

Thus, we can either ignore the problem and the enormous toll it takes on the person, her or his clinician, and society, or we can do the right thing by taking action to identify and deliver an effective solution.

That solution are the curricula we provide at CancerMed to be able to conquer the cancermedication information gap. With our curricula tailored for patients, patient advocates, clinicians, policy makers in government, payers and industry we provide sustainable solutions for the challenges that cancer patients encounter from genomic-guided treatments with our proven 6-Step TARGET method.

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