What we are looking for

What we are looking for

What we are looking for

CancerMed is seeking funding in order to expand the adverse event training & mentoring services.

An initial investment (partially or by one investor) to build a robust business foundation:

  • Adverse Event Management App: personnel costs to get the first 10 adverse events available in the app.
  • CancerMed Centers: investment for one year hiring temporary facilitation of headquarters in Amsterdam with at least three rooms (one for equipment) and personnel (3 FTE) costs

The initial investment will open doors to additional investors for financing the following phases.


CancerMed is looking for investors from a wide range of backgrounds and origins. The investments can vary depending on their size, liquidity, level of risk and duration. Investors be they private individuals, institutional investors, wealth managers or strategic partners, can invest in some or all of our services and products, depending on their own strategy and preferences. Some of the investments will serve longer term projects, e.g. the Exploration & Facilitation Centers with an appetite for higher risk/return investments, while other investments will serve projects with a shorter investment horizon and a lower risk/return appetite, e.g. the adverse event app. We also are looking for a number of strategic investors, including pharmaceutical companies.


All our potential investors, from private individuals to the large institutional or strategic investors, irrespective of their backgrounds, origin, individual strategies and preferences, will be united in their desire to gain exposure to an industry that offers:

  • Adverse event services and products that enables patients to complete their lifesaving or life-prolonging anticancer treatment
  • Opportunities that require specialist adverse event management knowledge and expertise that they typically cannot - or do not wish to - acquire themselves

As a potential investor

  • you need to share our beliefs
  • you need to share our belief in adverse event science and in its positive application to society
  • you need to share our admiration of inventors and entrepreneurs
  • you need to share our conviction that in order for true innovations to flourish, capital must be put to work in a commercial setting, offering a financial upside. 
  • finally, you need to share our belief that together we can help to build the best healthcare for future generations.

In addition, we are always looking for:

  • volunteers & trainees
  • donors
  • additional partners

Is this you?