CancerMed’s Online Stakeholder Tailored Adverse Event Intensive


CancerMed’s online stakeholder tailored adverse event intensive

 - exactly how to become an Adverse Event Expert


You need systemic treatment.

You start your treatment journey.

The cancer responds well on this therapy.

After a while, the first side effects occur.

They develop from mild to severe.

You are searching for prophylactic and comforting measures to eliminate these side effects.

Actually, you do not get them.

Instead you get a dose reduction or a treatment delay.

In worst case scenario you will be taken off your lifesaving or life prolonging treatment.

This is not science fiction.

This is common practice.

So, prepare yourself 

COSTA is everything we know and everything we have created poured into one program.

Within COSTA you will learn exactly how to become an Adverse Event Expert. You can participate however, whenever and wherever you want and get full year access to all tailored training programs within COSTA. 

The entire training is interdisciplinary. Only the additional training calls will be performed in a mono disciplinary setting, to be able to dig deep into each individual need and also to create a save environment for asking questions. We have for each of the main key stakeholders separate training calls. We have a training calls for:

  • patients, their support system & patient advocates
  • pharma & biotech representatives like directors, CEO’s, managers, and product specialists
  • healthcare providers & their support system: medical specialists (e.g. oncologists, pulmonologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, etc.), physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses and nurse specialists, researchers, trial offices, research coordinators, data managers, registries
  •  medical footcare providers & podiatrists
    • regulatory agency/prerequisite organizations, like approval authorities, government & insurance


COSTA is currently closed for enrollment. 

Get on the waitlist now to get early enrollment and special offers.

You’ll also get strategies, advice, and support to make your dreams of becoming an Adverse Event Expert a realty.