CMSI - CancerMed’s Medication Strategies Intensive


CancerMed's Medication Strategy Intensive


CancerMed's Medication Strategy Intensive 

Problems worth solving

  1. 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer
  2. Approximately 42% of cancer patients will be treated with a targeted therapy
  3. Approximately 38% of cancer patients cannot complete their treatment as planned due to ineffective management of adverse events


… when on average every patient would stay one month longer on your cancer drug?


Have you ever calculated what that would mean to your company?

And what would it mean to:

  • patients?
  • healthcare providers?
  • society at large?

Here’s what you can achieve:

  • The mindset behind success in cancer medication, including simple, no-cost measures you can take right away to instantly double or triple your success with your cancer medication.
  • The secret to increase the value of your cancer drug... even when the effectiveness can’t be increased any more. 
  • What you can do exactly for truly impactful success in cancer medication so you can gain and keep more patients for a longer time span on your cancer drug.



CancerMed’s Medication Strategies Intensive

Exactly how to achieve the targets of your cancer medication - fast and with more ease;
 with a proven 7-stage blueprint:

 of ultimate success in cancer medication

For passion-driven, service-based pharmaceutical executives who want to go

from “I do what is expected from me” to “I’ll do whatever it takes” 

to fulfill the potential of our cancer medication

Make sure to apply all 7 fundamental stages before the launch

(after the launch, it is out of your control)

Option 1: CMSI Kickstart

Give the prescription of your drug a boost with CMSI Kickstart

What would you do if you believed fully in your drug?
You’d make it happen right? With the CMSI Kickstart program we take you through an eight-week process where you will get insights in the 7 stages of success in cancer medication and then you’ll have an opportunity to make a return on your investment with an upsell at the end. 

What the CMSI Kickstart does, is give the prescription of your drug a boost within a very short time span through applying a couple of measures from the 7 stages of our reverse-engineered cancer-medication success approach and then you can make it all happen. 

Option 2: CMSI Laser Focus &  Inspired Action Plan 

When you are ready to achieve the targets of your cancer medication faster and with more ease

  • We ensure that all products & services throughout the 7 stages have the same structure & content and are congruent with the SmPC. 
  • In-depth strategy calls: We cover critical cancer medication success topics designed to keep you on track with applying the strategies you have learned in the training. These calls include call time, recordings, and templates.
  • 7 Fundamental Stages of Ultimate Success in Cancer Medication book: Every stage has an accompanying chapter of Dr. Boers-Doets’ book. Each chapter includes evaluation points, so you can easily see what you have accomplished so far and where to work on.
  • We have three spots available for 2024. We would love to help you explore your drug opportunities and make them happen!

Option 3: CMSI Leveraged Progression Plan 

When you are ready to unleash the full potential of your drug

  • We record all offline & online sessions we have together.
  • We place all materials on an exclusive online membership site for your company only. You have access to all the training materials (videotaping of the live training, recordings of strategy calls, checklists, e-books, notes, and many more)—ideal when you want to dig deep into a module again and for those who couldn’t attend or will join your company in the future. 
  • You have access for 10 years to the membership site, even after your year-long immersion. 
  • All materials are available on demand on your iPad and smartphone, too, through a mobile app!

Download the CMSI Prospectus here

CMSI Prospectus