Exploration & Facilitation Centers

CancerMed Centers

Exploration & Facilitation Centers

With the main focus on a patient-driven approach to side effects of cancer treatments

CancerMed Centers

Exploration & Facilitation Centers

With the main focus on a patient-driven approach to side effects of cancer treatments

Where science meets practice. Where body meets mind. Where seasoned veteran meets newbie.

Where we help patients conquer cancer


Based on our scientific models we aim to create CancerMed Centers globally. The centers are patient-driven co-care centers; a location where people can find knowledge, inspiration, treatment, and much more. We help patients with all kinds of cancers to complete target cancer treatment as planned.


The bigger centers have an open, green, and welcoming atmosphere. In one day, one can find adequate information about comforting measures during cancer treatment on various levels. The centers are accessible to disabled people and disabled people are part of our amazing team!

The satellite offices differ in size, depending on the local need and possibilities. It can be as small as just one office + storage area in for instance a hospital or as big as the headquarters in Amsterdam. 


Currently, we are located in Wormer, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, at the private house of the founder. To be able to expand the firm's market share globally we plan to realize a headquarters in Amsterdam nearby the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Schiphol Airport & Train station, and satellite offices globally, in order to serve customers better. We also can store our products and training material at these locations. 

Preferably offices are bought (proposed offering), but when not possible, can also be hired. Our rented or bought Exploration & Facilitation Centers /Global Growth & Operations Centers accelerate the realization of Side Effects Experts. 

Wellness Plaza

On the ground floor of the headquarters stores and practitioners are situated. They all have in common that they are evidence-based and at least at some points exclusive and support an integral, patient-driven approach to cancer treatment.

The centers are organized in such a way that customers in one day can attend an event, and also ‘shop', and make appointments with various practitioners. Our motto is to provide fast and adequate answers to the needs of patients and their support system at this very moment.

Our visitors are not files, numbers, and costs, but are approached as individuals.


At the Wellness Plaza, we offer preventative and comforting services, like: 

pedicure, manicure, massage, yoga, revalidation, dermatological consultation, oral cavity consultation, cardiologic consultation, dietician, acupuncturist, sports expert, Look Good Feel Better, meditation, Qigong, exercise, mindfulness, etc.


At the Wellness Plaza, we also offer preventative and comforting products, like:

  • Gifts: mugs, necklaces, music, and T-shirts. 
  • Food & Drinks: biologic food and beverages
  • Oral Care products: CancerMed’s Oral Care Rituals brochure, toothbrushes, oral rinses, etc.
  • Skincare products: CancerMed’s Skin Care Rituals brochure, cremes, lotions, gels, cling film, etc. We sell high-quality products like the products of the Rituals line.
  • Footcare products: insoles, soft shoes, foot baths, nail files, etc. The footcare specialists will help choose the best product for a particular situation.
  • Arrangements: reduced hotel arrangements, reduced theater tickets, etc.

Training & Workshops

On the second floor of the headquarters, we have the main event room for at least 200 attendees and two additional training rooms for about 25 people where we provide training and workshops, organized by the CancerMed Academy. For our key stakeholders, we have tailored events and we also offer events for the different stakeholders together. We organize our own training and workshops, while third parties can hire the event rooms. This way additional income will be generated.

  • Every even week we will provide a workshop for patients starting with a targeted therapy: Selfcare Rituals - 10 Measures for getting the most out of your cancer treatment
  • Every uneven week we will provide a workshop for patients on targeted therapy: Empowerment Rituals - Advocating for yourself while on cancer medication

Strategy & Mentoring

On the third floor of the headquarters, the international office is situated since CancerMed works in more and more countries. We organize strategy and mentoring sessions here based on our seven-stage method, particularly for pharmaceutical companies. We have already advised 21 pharmaceutical companies on how to receive more results with their cancer medication.

In addition, research is coordinated here and fundraising and product development are being worked on. Furthermore, there are patient associations and funds located.