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Your portal to first aid measures; available in the Masterclasses Vault

Side Effects e-Learning + Membership

Your portal to first aid measures; 

available in the Masterclasses Vault

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Masterclasses immediately available for you:

  • 6-Step TARGET Strategy Masterclass
  • Effective Approach to Side Effects Masterclass
  • Leadership Skills Masterclass
  • Running an Effective Patient Consultation Masterclass
  • Elderly on Targeted Therapy Masterclass
  • Immuno-oncology Side Effects Masterclass
  • Dry Skin & Fissures Masterclass
  • Hand-foot skin reaction Masterclass
  • Nail fold changes Masterclass
  • Maculopapular Rash Masterclass
  • Papulopustular Rash Masterclass
  • Oral Complaints Masterclass
  • Diarrhea & Loose Stool Masterclass

Success Stories
 Patients tell about  Dr. Christine's side effect approach

Testimonial Mr. Stipdonk


"I suffered calluses my entire life, but the calluses grew exponentially large while on regorafenib. I was not able to walk anymore or enjoy my hobby. Christine explained how to apply the TARGET strategy on the calluses and how I could get rid of them. I followed the strategy and you can see the result: I am still on regorafenib AND can enjoy my hobby again. The TARGET strategy led to hemorrhoid cream. Amazing what hemorrhoid cream on the hand palms and foot soles can do!"
Testimonial Ms. de Koning


"I developed 90% of the adverse events that can come along with panitumumab. With help of the TARGET strategy, I was able to relieve the adverse events within 48 hours every time. Even the nail of this finger was not removed at the emergency room because it was treated effectively with vinegar bathes supported with antibiotics. 

Simple, effective, and fast!"

Testimonial Mr. Schultze


"My mother was diagnosed with NSCLC in September 2012 and treated with gefitinib. She wanted to stop treatment due to extremely painful nail folds. 

Through Christine’s simple, but effective measures, resulting from the TARGET strategy, my mother was able to continue treatment for 5 more years!"

The 6-TARGET Step Adverse Event Blueprint

All masterclasses are based on Dr. Christine's 6-step TARGET Strategy 

Initiation of the most appropriate side effects treatment is more likely to occur if the 6 steps of the TARGET strategy are taken. In each masterclass we follow this success formula:

Term. Establish the sub-diagnosis of a side effect and provide a correct label

Assess. Identify symptoms & signs of a side effect and their impact on the quality of life

Report. Collect & report more in-depth information about the side effect characteristics

Grade. Classify the severity of a side effect

Evaluate. Evaluate the side effect treatment so far & reconfirm general measures

Treat. Institute most appropriate & effective treatment strategies according to side effect subtype

    When you apply the 6 steps of The Target System on a side effect:

    + Cancer treatments will lead to less symptom burden.

    + You will be able to select appropriate measures that are actually effective for a particular side effect sub-type.

    + Fewer dose adjustments or modifications of cancer therapy than before are needed.

When you choose not to apply the six steps of The Target System on a side effect:

- Side effects will become severe and sustaining

- Patients will be taken off their lifesaving or life-sustaining drug

- This may lead to a decreased outcome.

What key opinion leaders say about Dr. Boers-Doets's TARGET Strategy:​

It's a Key Tool!
“The six steps in The Target Strategy are very helpful in a busy clinical setting or during research protocols."
Mario E. Lacouture, MD

Mario E. Lacouture, MD

Dermatology Service

Department of Medicine

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), New York, USA

Promotes Continuation of Therapy!
"Chris is very dedicated to improving a patients’ quality of life by finding solutions for every side effect of every single patient."
Joel B. Epstein, DMD

Joel B. Epstein, DMD

Division of Otolaryngology &

Head & Neck Surgery, City of Hope, Duarte, CA, USA

It's a Unique, Practical Tool!
"The six steps can be very helpful to manage complicated side effects, and it is more likely that the entire extent is explored and treated in the right way.”
Erik van Muilekom, MANP
Erik van Muilekom, MANP

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) Hospital & Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Past-president of EONS

Masterclasses & Webinars that will be added in 2023

10 Proven Products

  • 10 Proven Products to manage side effects from targeted anticancer treatment effectively within 48 hours. 95-98% of the side effects that occur with targeted agents can be treated with just these 10 products.


Dry Skin, Fissures & Itch

  • Dry Skin, Skin Cracks & Itch. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage dry skin in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage skin cracks (fissures) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage itch (pruritus) in 6 TARGET steps


Macular, Papular, & Pustular Rash

  • Macules, Papules, Pustules, and Crusts. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage macular rash (incl. camouflage) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage papular rash (incl. camouflage) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage pustular rash in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage crusts in 6 TARGET steps

Hand & Feet

  • Poorly Groomed Feet, Hand-Foot Syndrome, Hand-Foot Skin Reaction & Peripheral Neuropathy. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage poorly groomed feet in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage hand-foot skin reaction in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage hand-foot syndrome in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage peripheral neuropathy in 6 TARGET steps

Nail & Nailfold

  • Nail & Nailfold Reactions. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage nail fold inflammation (paronychia) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage brittle nails in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage pyogenic granuloma in 6 TARGET steps


Hair Changes

  • Hair Changes. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage alopecia in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage hirsutism in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage hypertrichosis in 6 TARGET steps

Oral Complaints

  • Oral Complaints. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage targeted therapy-inhibitor associated-stomatitis (tIAS) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage mTOR inhibitor-associated stomatitis (mIAS) in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral mucositis in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral burning sensation in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral Infections in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral pain in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral bleeding in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage dry mouth in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage dysphagia in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral dysesthesia in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral erythema in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage oral sensitivity in 6 TARGET steps

Gastrointestinal Reactions

  • GI-Tract Reactions. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage vomiting in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage nausea in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage loss of appetite & weight loss in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage loose stool in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage diarrhea in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage colitis in 6 TARGET steps

Ocular Reactions

  • Eye & Eyelid reactions. Know the distinctions.
    • How to manage dysfunctional tear syndrome (DTS) in 6 TARGET steps
    • How to manage blepharitis in 6 TARGET steps
    • How to manage meibomitis in 6 TARGET steps

ENT Reactions

  • ENT Reactions (ear, nose, throat). Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage nasal vestibulitis in 6 TARGET steps


Genital Reactions

  • Genital reactions. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage genital injury in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage genital infection in 6 TARGET steps

Cardiac Dysfunction

  • Cardiac Dysfunction. Know the distinctions.
  • How to manage cardiac dysfunction in 6 TARGET steps
  • How to manage hypertension in 6 TARGET steps


And much more to come!

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  • All you need to do is show up, get involved, take action, and trust the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if English is not my native language?

Al masterclasses and calls are in English, but it is in easily understandable English for non-native English speakers.

Can I join later? I’m currently quite busy

Yes of course you can join later, but the prices will go up as we are adding more and more content to the SIDE EFFECTS ER. When you join now, the price will never increase for you, while the number of masterclasses will continue to increase. So, where are you waiting for?

What happens after I pay? When can I start?

You get immediate access after signing up. We will support you in the peer group along the way.

How does the membership work?

The coaching calls take place on Zoom (an online conferencing platform) and you’ll receive content and support through a private peer group. All the sessions are recorded so you can watch them later via CancerMed Valley, the Side Effects Campus, our course platform.

Will the coaching calls be recorded?

Yes, there will be recordings available for you for the entire length of your membership. And you will have access to all materials from the time you join.

How much time per day do I need to devote to SIDE EFFECTS ER?

SIDE EFFECTS ER is about increasing your side effects success and building your side effects practice, so it is 90% action and 10% inspiration and content. Ideally, you devote about 1 hour a week to watch a SIDE EFFECTS ER masterclass and implement the gained knowledge with every patient consultation. 

Tell me straight: is this really worth the money?

If you’re ready to really invest in your side effects practice AND you’re ready to implement what you learn, YES. If you are already quite successful in managing side effects effectively, the strategies we teach will help you treat side effects in less time. So, the real question is: what’s the cost of not investing? 

What programs do I need to have in place to take this course?

First, you’ll need reliable internet access and Google Chrome. You do not get access to the online platform with Internet Explorer. More importantly, you need to be action-driven and be willing to put in the work. If you’re reading this far, I think you already know you have what it takes. 

Can I access the masterclasses through a mobile device?

Yes! That’s quite cool. Through the ‘Huddle’ app, you have access to all the Masterclasses on the go. You will find instructions in the Welcome Module inside the side effects campus. 

How long does the membership last?

This is an ongoing membership. We ask that you make a 1-year commitment to getting the most out of the membership. You must submit a notice of cancellation to our team 15 days prior to your automatic renewal.

How do I cancel?

Just send us an email ( letting us know prior to your quarterly or annual renewal and we will take you off the membership subscription.

How much time will I get with Dr. Christine?

Great question! You’ll get access to Dr. Christine through the peer group (the community), including once per month coaching calls. 

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