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Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, the Side Effects Doctor

Hi, I'm Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

Two decades ago, I felt distraught because I simply didn’t know how to treat the side effects of the newer – targeted - cancer treatments. I couldn’t help my patients at al in the way I would have wanted to. So, I really felt I had let them down and I thought that the best way to make amends would be to look for solutions to their problems. And I did. The ‘Become a Side Effects Expert’ curriculum is the result of years of research including trial and error addressing the side effects associated with targeted anticancer therapy. 


Become a Side Effects Expert

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Become a Side Effects Expert. Save Time. Endow Life. Share Successes. Read everything you want to know about becoming a Side Effects Expert here.
The TARGET System

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Initiation of the most appropriate side effects treatment is more likely to occur if the 6 steps of the TARGET strategy are Taken. Read our whitepaper and learn about the TARGET system, the TARGET-book, the TARGET e-course and the TARGET-app here.