Side Effects Detox
Side Effects Detox - Kick the Side Effects of cancer therapies - online course

Ready to finally master the side effects of (targeted) anticancer therapies?

Side Effects Detox

Ready to finally master the side effects of (targeted) anticancer therapies?

Side Effects Detox - Kick the Side Effects of cancer therapies - online course

The only course you need to optimize your success
with cancer treatment-associated side effects

Participate in this 4-week course that runs from August 23rd to September 20th. 

Quickly, your time is running out!


Sonja Gründemann

Performance expert for your business,

Sonja Gründemann, Germany

I'm so happy I joined!

If you know someone who has to deal with the side effects of cancer therapy, you should definitely join Christine’s Side Effects Detox course. You do not only learn how to handle the disadvantages of the cancer therapies, but you also learn effective communication skills that help you to find out how you can help the patients in the best way possible. 

Many patients experience severe and sustaining side effects
of their targeted anticancer therapy. 

These side effects result in dose delays, dose reductions, and early stoppage of lifesaving or life-sustaining treatment.

Resulting in disappointed patients and increased workload for you.

This may be frustrating for both parties.

You can turnaround your frustrations into successes

After 4 weeks you have 4 strategies implemented that will help you save time and improve the quality of life of your patients, so patients can complete their life-saving or life-prolonging targeted anticancer treatment as planned.

Step by step instructions on how to apply effective and time-saving side effects solutions your patients actually need.

Here's what you'll learn

We provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply effective and time-saving side effects solutions your patients actually need. 

You’ll learn:

  • Preventive Measures. A Patients Know&Do Best Masterclass. How to make the skin & mucosa more resistant to side effects.
  • First Aid Measures. A Side Effects ER Masterclass. Topical, Systemic, or Both? You’ll learn which product and which kind of vehicle at this very moment suit your patient's needs best.
  • Effective Side Effects Approach. A Side Effects ER Masterclass. You’ll learn why the Hit Hard Early & Short (HHES) method is way more effective than the Hit Soft Late & Long (HSLL) side effects approach.
  • Wheel of Side Effects Management. A Leadership Masterclass. You’ll learn highly effective and sustainable side effects treatment solutions no one else will teach you.

Early detection and immediate appropriately dosed treatment of immune-related reactions in cancer patients with checkpoint inhibitor therapy are crucial. Despite several existing guidelines on how to handle these adverse events, Christine´s HHES method (Hit Hard, Early & Short) during her lecture, emphasized on correct dosing of different corticosteroids, their equivalence dosages, as well as their anti-inflammatory properties, and the necessary duration of treatment.

Her recommendations were a real eye-opener!

Ferdinand Haslbauer, MD

Medical Oncologist, Oncology, Salzkammergut Klinikum Vöcklabruck, Austria

Who this course is for

This course is ideal for nurses in oncology (advanced oncology nurses, advanced nurse specialists, advanced nurse practitioners, research nurses, etc.) working with patients on targeted therapy/immuno-oncology/hormonal therapy who want to help their patients to complete treatment as planned

by getting side effects in control quickly.

Experiences from previous participants:

What I love about the course are the practical tips (e.g., hamamelis cream).
Also, the networking and sparring during the Q&A sessions. Looking beyond the borders. So inspiring! 

Marianne Klinkhamer,
Clinical Nurse Specialist Oncology,

Tergooi Hospital,

The Netherlands

Christine stays very herself; it is obvious she knows what she is talking about without overwhelming me with information. I found the practical examples very appealing. 

Simone Dokter,

Clinical Nurse Specialist gastrointestinal oncology,

Netherlands Cancer Institute
The Netherlands

What changed most for me by participating is applying the HHES-method with side effects: Act quick, hard, and short

Maarten van Elst,
Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology,

UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,

The Netherlands

Hi, I’m Dr. Christine

Understanding side effects from cancer treatments is my passion, manage them the challenge & preventing side effects is my mission.

Despite all efforts of patients themselves and those who facilitate the use of cancer medication, patients remain with sustaining or severe side effects from cancer treatments, which jeopardizes the ability to maintain their treatments and as a result, decreases their chances to survive. 

I’m a side effects doctor with a 6-step plan for getting side effects in control within 48 hours. 

I prepare patients and those who facilitate the use of cancer medication for the side effects to appear, so patients will face fewer side effects, experience increased quality of life and can remain on their lifesaving or life-sustaining treatment

If you want to learn everything I know and avoid the mistakes I made and you're serious about getting side effects in control, then this is the course for you.

Participate in this 4-week course 

that runs from August 23rd to September 20th.


  • Every Monday morning a new masterclass with an assignment
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to a private community of like-minded ambitious advanced practitioners
  • And so much more... we love to surprise and delight!

Experiences from previous participants:

The best part of the Side Effects Detox course was the personalized education. We were a small group, I liked that a lot. 
Bert van Rixtel, 

Clinical Nurse Specialist
UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,
The Netherlands

I enjoyed the Interactivity and the teacher's dynamism! The "Ask Method" and the "Communication Grid” are very useful in daily practice. The way to have informal exchanges in this group, the conviviality around Dr. Christine Boers Doets. Just the Best! 
Prof. Rene Jean Bensadoun,

Manager at the Center
de Haute Energie,
Nice, France

I love the triple education: seeing, talking, learning.
Maarten van Elst, 

Clinical Nurse Specialist

UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,

The Netherlands

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Minimal volume discount
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10 Tickets & More

Maximal volume discount
€47,- pp

We added 3 Bonuses to elevate your experience:

  • The TARGET e-Course. A TARGET Masterclass. A 6-step approach to side effects that will undoubtedly lead you to effective side effect solutions (Parent & Subcategory label. Treat symptoms & signs instead of side effects as one entity).
  • The ASK Method. A Clinical Practice Masterclass. Highly effective side effects exploration questions no one else will teach you.
  • The Communication Grid. A Clinical Practice Masterclass. Exactly how to ensure you get from a physician the prescription you need for your patient. The communication grid will be of great help here!

Read This Carefully

CancerMed Side Effects Institute has a no refund policy.

We believe that guarantees offer an excuse for people to give up – it’s for those who don’t take action. For people who sit on their hands and wonder why nothing’s changing.

If that’s you, you’re in the wrong place, and I wish you all the best.


  • All programs and products created by CancerMed are packed full of value, but you need to be willing to take action now, to step up and take advantage of what you get.
  • We guarantee that we will provide all that you need to build and grow your side effects practice if you are willing to focus, put your hand up, ask questions in the community, take advantage of the coaching calls, and implement the strategies we share with you.
  • We guarantee you’ll have all the support, structure, direction, accountability, and advice you need to overcome your challenges and make tangible progress.
  • All you need to do is show up, get involved, take action, and trust the process.

If you can do that, you can absolutely celebrate amazing results and create real success

Frequently Asked Questions

What if English is not my native language?

Al masterclasses and calls are in English, but it is in easily understandable English for non-native English speakers.

Can I join later? I’m currently quite busy

Yes of course you can join later, but the prices will go up as we are adding more and more content to SIDE EFFECTS DETOX. When you join now, the price for one ticket is 97.00 euro. Next round it will be 147.00 euro. So, where are you waiting for? The patients in your daily practice need you to have up-to -ate side effects knowledge.

What happens after I pay? When can I start?

You get immediate access after signing up. We will support you in the peer group along the way.

How does the course work?

Every Monday morning you get access to a new masterclass with an assignment.
The coaching calls take place on Zoom (an online conferencing platform) and you’ll receive content and support through a private peer group. All the sessions are recorded so you can watch them later via CancerMed Valley, the Side Effects Campus, our course platform.

Will the coaching calls be recorded?

Yes, there will be recordings available for you for the entire length of the course. When you sign up for the VIP experience too, you get one year of access to all the material.

How much time per day do I need to devote to SIDE EFFECTS DETOX?

SIDE EFFECTS DETOX is about increasing your side effects success and building your side effects practice, so it is 90% action and 10% inspiration and content. Ideally, you devote about 30 minutes a week to watch a SIDE EFFECTS DETOX masterclass and implement the gained knowledge with every patient consultation. In addition, ideally, you join the 60-minute coaching calls live or you watch the recordings afterward. 

Tell me straight: is this really worth the money?

If you’re ready to really invest in your side effects practice AND you’re ready to implement what you learn, YES. If you are already quite successful in managing side effects effectively, the strategies we teach will help you treat side effects in less time. So, the real question is: what’s the cost of not investing? 

What programs do I need to have in place to take this course?

First, you’ll need reliable internet access and Google Chrome. You do not get access to the online platform with Internet Explorer. More importantly, you need to be action-driven and be willing to put in the work. If you’re reading this far, I think you already know you have what it takes. 

Can I access the masterclasses through a mobile device?

Yes! That’s quite cool. Through the ‘Huddle’ app, you have access to all the Masterclasses on the go. You will find instructions in the Welcome Module inside the side effects campus. 

How long does the course last?

This is a 4-week online course, so you have 4-weeks access to all the material. When you book the VIP experience too (you will get an invitation for the VIP experience after you joined the Side Effects Detox), you will have one year of access to all the material.

How much time will I get with Christine?

Great question! You’ll get access to Christine through the peer group (the community), including the weekly coaching calls. 

Have a question that's not here?

Please email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


While it is absolutely possible for you to optimize your side effects skills during this 4-week online course, we cannot take responsibility for your side effects success and are not making a specific promise regarding your side effects success score. If you take action and implement the strategies, you will absolutely see tangible results, but these will differ from practice to practice and depend on a variety of factors (such as the number of patients you help, your commitment, previous efforts, and so on).