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Utopia or Reality?

Utopia or Reality?


Effective Approach to Adverse Events: Utopia or Reality? is Dr. Boers-Doets's Signature Talk wherein she teaches that you can choose to take control of adverse events.

For many people dose adjustments are the first and only option that comes to mind when adverse events appear. Adverse events are manageable. This is in particular a fact when it comes to adverse events from targeted anticancer therapies inclusive immuno-oncology and endocrine therapy. Within 48 hours. No dose adjustment needed. There is always a choice to become successful in adverse event management. You may have limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck up to now, but you can choose to get out.

For decades Dr. Boers-Doets used to believe too that adverse events are hard to treat. Simply because this is taught at high school, universities and conferences. She felt distraught because she couldn’t help her patients at all in the way she would have wanted to until she broke free from the limiting beliefs. Through research and patient interviews, she found an effective adverse event approach: the 6-step TARGET strategy. 

A game-changer that is in reach for you too!

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