Ultimate Adverse Event Secrets - Live Event | By Christine Boers-Doets
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Ultimate Adverse Event Secrets Live

Advance Your Adverse Event Management Skills... Advance Your Day-To-Day Practice

Christine Boers-Doets Presents:


Language: Dutch

Price: €297

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This is for you when you are a:

  • Prerequisite Organization Representative; e.g. Institutional Review Boards, FDA, EMA, Insurance Companies, Disease Specific Committees, and many more
  • Pharmaceutical Representative; e.g. Founder, Director, CEO, CBO, CFO, CMO, Medical Affairs Executive, Project Manager, Clinical Researcher, Sales VP Clinical Developer, Marketing & Business Developer, Process & Product Developer, Product Specialist and more.
  • Pharmacist; e.g. Clinical Pharmacist, Outpatient Pharmacist
  • Physician; e.g. Medical Oncologist, Pulmonologist, Radiation Oncologist, Dermatologist, Oral Cavity Expert
  • Physician Assistant
  • Research Specialist; e.g. Researcher, Data Manager
  • Nurse; e.g. Oncology Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Research Nurse
  • Consumer; e.g. Representative of a Patient Organization, Patient or a Social Supporter

... and want less unmanageable or untreated adverse events, less treatment adjustments and complete treatment as planned.

This will become true when you apply Chris's Ultimate Adverse Event Secrets.

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Apply the ULTIMATE ADVERSE EVENT FORMULA on Cancer Medication

You don’t want to work with a cancer medication without having a thorough adverse event mastering plan ready on beforehand.

There are several steps to be taken before starting with a systemic treatment and several steps to be taken after while on cancer medication, with researching, training, and generating drug specific documentation as cornerstones.

In the Ultimate Adverse Event Secrets Live Event we dig deep into the building blocks of the Ultimate Adverse Event Formula.

Get out from behind your desk and step into a weekend of
Powerful Action, Inspiration and Learning!

Join us in this live 2-day interactive experience complete with special training tracks
customized to your stage of expertise where you’ll learn how to approach adverse events

Adverse Events Blueprint

Initiation of the most appropriate treatment is more likely to occur if the following steps are taken:

Term: Using the right diagnosis of the adverse event subtype is the most important step. When you start on the wrong path here, you will not be able to correct it in a later stage.

Assess: Assessing signs and symptoms of the adverse event and the impact of an adverse event for a particular patient is crucial to identify the intervention direction.

Report: Reporting of characteristics of the adverse event subtype tells in detail where to look for an appropriate intervention.

Grade: There are much better grading tools available than the CTCAE which will guide you to the best treatment option for a particular adverse event subtype.

Evaluate: If you are on the right path with your measures or if you are approaching the wrong target will become clear in this step.

Tackle: Tackling becomes the easiest step in adverse event management, when you have applied the previous steps.


In This Incredible 2-Day Event, You'll Learn To:

  • Apply the basic principles about how to target adverse events effectively. 
  • Apply Christine's proven adverse event management strategy in your own practice. 
  • Accomplish that patients benefit as long as needed from prescription drugs.
  • Enhance prescription drug compliance.
  • How to achieve better patient outcomes.
  • Provide prescription drugs to all patients who may benefit from a certain drug.

Event Onsite Check-In: 

Thursday, May 17th 2018;  7:30am - 8:15am

The event officially kicks off Thursday, May 17th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tentative meeting hours are as follows:

Thursday, May 17th                          8:30am -    5:30pm              Event Content

                                                            7:00pm - 10:00pm               Evening Session

Friday, May 18th                                7:00am -   8:00am               Bonus Session

                                                            8:30am -   5:30pm               Event Content

                                                            7:00pm -   9:00pm               Evening Session

                                                            9:00pm - 10:00pm               Networking & Afterglow

Depart Amsterdam after 2 days of learning, networking and inspiration and bask in the post-event glow all the way home!

Plus... Bring-a-Guest For €97 !

Did you know you can bring a guest to Ultimate Adverse Event Secrets LIVE?

That means you can bring your spouse, friend, business partner, a colleague or fellow stakeholder. 

It’s great to have a thought partner and someone to share the experience with.