Mentoring| by Christine Boers-Doets
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From Strategy Sessions and Master Minds to Small Group Coaching and VIP Mentoring

If you are a policymaker or CEO looking for a more comprehensive training program designed to accelerate your drug success while holding you accountable, you may want to consider Chris’s year-long Drug Success Master Mind or one of the other group and individual coaching programs available on our virtual campus.


This one time private 1-on-1 strategy session is for you when you want Christine's view on your drug success strategy plan.

Order now and we will promptly contact you to plan your strategy session.


Discover our complete coaching, training and year-long mentoring program. If you’re a mission-driven policymaker or CEO who knows you’re here to make a big difference, our proven structure, coaches and community can help you drive to real results. When we talk about Master Mind, we do not mean masterminds and roundtable once in a while, but close mentoring. 

Your MASTER MIND is your driving force. According to Napolean Hill it is coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. That's the way we work.

Monitor your progression with your Personal Leveraged Progression Plan.

Enrollment for 2018 closes March 31, 2018


Sometimes you just need a little coaching to support your success. 

Enter Drug Success Advantage Small Group Coaching. This 6 month hands-on, workshop-like program allows you to go deep with Chris’s elite Drug Success Coaches who help you create, plan and deliver your Drug Success Strategy, based on Chris’s Signature Talk Formula.

You'll receive hands-on review and constructive critique so you can continually improve over time and unleash drug success. This program truly gets you into action! You'll get crystal clear on how to craft a strategy while enjoying the intimacy of small group and coach support.


Chris is also accepting private clients. The main benefit of the High-Level VIP Mentoring for you is that Chris mentors you a yearlong to get your drug success machine rolling within the shortest possible time span.