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Welcome to Drug Success Training Alliance

Welcome to Drug Success Training Alliance… one of the leading global cancer medication strategy provider helping oncology leaders leverage their oncology drugs success and commitment.

As a global training organization and service provider we are matchlessly placed to deliver in-depth and profound training for individuals & organizations who are manufacturing, researching, selling, prescribing, and consuming oncology medication.

We support the development of a skilled and confident workforce to meet the changing demands of our growing sector as well as providing the best training for our clients to enable them to fulfil their Drug Success goals.

The reason for our success is that employ focus on immuno-oncology & targeted therapy offering face to face, amalgamated and online training in an interdisciplinary setting. Also the complete provision of aftercare for our respective clients through our online campus helps us achieve the realization we desire. 

Our BIG Vision

Our BIG VISION is that in 2025 in 80% of the 195 World Countries at least one Center of Excellence is leveraging the oncology drug success of all stakeholders in the drug success chain and in all types of professions which enables them to support patients to complete the lifesaving and life-sustaining treatment as planned.

That’s a BIG VISION… And creating a better world is more than we can do alone… but with the right, strategic leaders… we can make a difference… BIG TIME!


Our MISSION is to reach at least one hundred thousand oncology leaders around the globe and help to breakthrough performance barriers to leverage drug success because most are stuck in “the way it has always been done” thinking, getting the same results, with a lack of true satisfaction and real results.

So we help you to deconstruct the myths of old cooperation strategies, persuasion, and untreatable adverse events beliefs.

Bottom line, we help oncology leaders like you to remove organizational limitations and fears using Chris's 7 Pillars of Ultimate Drug Success that creates high converting drugs and an Organization of Excellence. Immuno-oncology & targeted therapy in cancer have our upmost attention.

We're passionate about changing the way leaders like you use resources. Our team of creative people share this ideology and are working hard behind the scenes to make it happen.

Are you ready to join us in our mission and leap the gap?

If not YOU... who?

If not NOW... when?

The latest Research & Practices

With access to the world renowned experts from MASCC, and our Alliance with the Impaqtt Foundation, we are at the forefront of researching the handling of cancer drugs, generating iTeams, institute advisory, obtain luminary, launch a drug, prevent and manage adverse events and consuming the drug – this is reflected in our training content.

Collaboration with MASCC

We work closely with world renowned specialist practitioners from MASCC,  the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, to bring the most up-to-date best practice information to you and your organization. The highly skilled professionals support our clients and their evidence & practice based practices are also the basis for our training material.

Collaboration with the Impaqtt Foundation

We are teaming up with the Impaqtt Foundation to donate $10 for every ticket sold to UPD and UAES with the goal of updating and spreading measures that empower patients to complete their cancer treatment as planned. Contribute your time, yourself, your knowledge, your love in the education, research, and support of patients on immuno-oncology & targeted therapy.

Person Centered

Our courses are informed by person and interdisciplinary setting centered practice and are designed to develop the capability and potential of individuals and the effectiveness of services and organizations.


Our facilitators are highly qualified and bring a wealth of experience and a passion for developing the skills and knowledge of others.

We offer:

  • Core Individual Training
  • Core Group Training
  • Live Events
  • Customized Training
  • Customized Training Material Generation
  • Advanced Online Training
  • Master Mind and VIP arrangements


  • Managers and Corporate Support Staff
  • Regulators
  • Pharma
  • Health Professionals
  • People with cancer, their social support system & patient advocates

At our place or yours

We can deliver customized training to meet the training needs of your staff at our venue or yours. Courses delivered at Drug Success Training Alliance Centers are open to individuals from all organizations.

So join and Subscribe to Free training

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