Side Effects Team Coaching

Learn an easy-to-apply system

that you can use...                                                                                  

on as many side effects...            

                                                as you want!

Join us for a coaching intensive with the in-depth support and accountability you need 

to successfully deliver excellent side effects care.

(We'll teach you also what the fire extinguisher has to do with it 😊)

Everyone expects from you that you deliver
Excellent Side Effects Care...

...and they are not wrong!

So, you want to deliver excellent side effects care too, but you have no idea which strategy to follow? This is because:

>>> You feel like tackling side effects is an uphill battle.

>>> While it’s the most vital part, getting side effects in control, feels like the hardest challenge.

>>> When you apply side effects measures, you only get a few side effects somewhat in control, or none at all.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

I’ve been there, too!

When my first patients were treated with a targeted anticancer therapy, I  barely succeeded in getting side effects in control quickly and effectively.

But that all changed when I finally learned how to deliver effective side effects care, up-to-date, and step by step.

I went from being distraught with barely 10% side effects in control to 98% of the side effects in control within 48 hours.
Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, the Side Effects Doctor

I'm here to help you & your team!

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of advanced practitioners like you go from overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck in side effects care to take impactful and consistent action that results in achieving excellent side effects care delivery.

  • 98% of the side effects in control.
  • Dramatic decrease of moderate or severe side effects to mild within 48 hours.
  • 0% dose delays, 0% dose reductions, and 0% discontinuation!

While these numbers sound great and impressive, you might be doubting that this is something you can do. Or maybe you’ve done it but you’re not sure you could again.

Buy 1, Get  10?!

Is this correct? Yes, that's correct! So, when you book your spot, up to 9 colleagues on your team can get access to the coaching too. They can be colleagues from different departments and different disciplines like nurses, medical oncologists, lung oncologists, hematologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, researchers, etc. They just must be working at the same institution as you.

Why am I offering this opportunity? Because side effects education is shallow and fragmented without constructive support with the implementation of the learned measures. Shallow and fragmented side effects education fuel ineffective measures, yielding unfulfilling results. You get stuck. For example, when your car is broken, you can bring it to the garage, but when the applied side effects measures do not work, there is nobody available to guide you. This needs to be changed! Here is where CancerMed Side Effects Institute comes in. We help you make the most out of your training budget with our cost-effective and effective coaching method.

We have had already a lot of education, but never interdisciplinary.  We have learned that success in side effects care delivery is as weak as the weakest chain. When the entire core team applies superior side effects measures, you will see dramatic changes. CancerMed team coaching ensures strong chains.

So don't hesitate.

Join today!

A Real Eye-Opener!

"Early detection and immediate appropriately dosed treatment of immune-related reactions in cancer patients with checkpoint inhibitor therapy are crucial. 

Despite several existing guidelines on how to handle these adverse events, we were not able to avoid dose modifications.

Christine showed us the missing pieces.

Now our side effects measures for checkpoint inhibitor therapy are effective!

We learned the crucial elements:

  • correct dosing of different corticosteroids
  • their equivalence dosages
  • their anti-inflammatory properties
  • and the necessary duration of treatment.

Her recommendations were a real eye-opener!"


Ferdinand Haslbauer, MD

Medical Oncologist, Oncology, Salzkammergut Klinikum Vöcklabruck, Austria

The Heartbreaking Situation Right Now

  1. 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer.
  2. Approximately 42% of cancer patients will be treated with a targeted anti-cancer therapy.
  3. Approximately 55% of cancer patients cannot complete their treatment as planned due to outdated side effects care delivery.
Targeted Therapy Modifications

Unique Opportunity

Despite many attempts to manage side effects effectively, about 55% of patients receive a dose interruption or delay, 36.5% get dose reductions and 19% of the patients stop entirely their cancer treatment prematurely due to side effects!

The growing number of patients that stop prematurely with their targeted therapy due to unprofessionally managed side effects, and the future targeted cancer agents that will come to the market and bring the same problem, is not only a global problem to be solved, but solving it is also an opportunity for creating new, cost-effective & sustainable healthcare.

Do you want to avoid the heartbreaking situation in which we are treating the cancer, and as a result, saddle the patients up with demanding, debilitating, and devastating side effects that demand more attention than the cancer and cancer treatment itself?

With CancerMed coaching, you can reduce the burden of side effects and have excellent cancer care delivery.

Side Effects Challenges

  1. Advanced practitioners put a lot of effort into attending training and education opportunities where they expect to learn up-to-date measures on how they can take control of their patients' side effects.
  2. Actually, far too often, outdated, fragmented, and shallow measures are recommended, like watchful waiting, antibiotics prophylactically, and corticosteroids low dose, long term. I used to recommend them too, but new insights show us that these measures cause way more harm than benefits.
  3. This causes precious time and money to be wasted without achieving expected results.

To achieve outstanding cancer care delivery,
you need to know how to deliver excellent side effects care

Prescribing the most effective (new) drug against the cancer is a crucial first step. But you’re not helping patients stay on the lifesaving or life-sustaining drug by applying watchful waiting and outdated side effects measures. Or even worse – not instituting prophylactic and reactive measures at all, and immediately initiating a dose modification. The best way to achieve outstanding cancer care delivery is through excellent side effects care delivery.

If you want to help your patients to stay on the drug as long as needed, with high quality of life, “throwing spaghetti at the wall” and hoping that something will stick is not going to help you.

Instead, you need to:

  1. Have up-to-date side effects measures in place to rely on instead of giving you a “side effects-headache” and holding you back.
  2. Have a proven side effects strategy in place that you can follow, instead of wasting time with trial and error.
  3. Take consistent, bold action and implement the strategy (otherwise, you’ll never see tangible results!).

Marianne Klinkhamer, MANP:
"With the right care, you can prevent patients from quitting the therapy. That’s really very special."

Are you also determined to deliver excellent side effects care?

This isn’t only about learning how to deliver excellent side effects care - it’s actually about doing it! 

But don’t worry.

Excellent side effects care delivery doesn’t have to be difficult, overwhelming, and stressful. And you’ll see that when you implement a proven strategy that’s broken down into clear, simple steps… It can be easy and even fun to deliver excellent side effects care!

My clients appreciate my tough-love approach, so I am just going to say it:

Don’t perform any dose delay, dose reduction, or early stoppage without applying up-to-date side effects measures with a proven strategy that works first!

I would never do that with patients I help.

I’ve made the mistake of just trying to deliver excellent side effects care by “shooting from the hip”…

I’ve also tried a lot of side effects management flow charts that did NOT get any results…

And I know that delivering excellent side effects care without up-to-date measures and a strategy – or worse: performing dose modifications without delivering side effects care at all is – a recipe for disappointment.

  1. So why would you try and just wing it if you can follow a proven strategy that works?
  2. Why would you try and reinvent the wheel if you can make it easy and implement simple tasks step by step?
  3. And why would you try and go at it all by yourself if you can get the support and accountability to make sure you follow through?

This is exactly why I created the SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING program for you.

If you are determined to take your side effects skills to the next level without spending much effort, time, or money, then the SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING program is all you need to succeed.

It pays to invest in it.

Small-Group Coaching is the Solution

These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
Personalized education
"The best part of the group coaching was the personalized education. We were a small group, I liked that a lot." 

Bert van Rixtel, 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology/oncology,
UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,
The Netherlands

Ms. Nameless
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We should spread the word that there is a way to fight side effects
"If you know someone who has to deal with the side effects of cancer therapy, you should definitely join Christine’s Side Effects Coaching Intensives.

You do not only learn how to handle the disadvantages of the cancer therapies, but you also learn effective communication skills that help you to find out how you can help the patients in the best way possible.

The world should be informed about what Christine is doing. I was really surprised about what Christine was doing there. In a short time, Christine can give the people more time for their lives. With just small tips. That was a big surprise. I couldn’t believe that no one knows this. 

Christine knows where she is talking about. She has the experience. Christine is really an expert.

We should spread the word that there is a way to fight side effects.

Sonja Gründemann,

Performance expert for your business,

Sonja Gründemann,


Ms. Nameless
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Seeing, Talking & Learning
"I love the triple education: seeing, talking, learning."

Maarten van Elst, 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology, 

UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,

The Netherlands

Ms. Nameless
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The CancerMed Side Effects Institute
Team Coaching Method

“We approach cancer medication differently here. With that, you get different results.“

After helping thousands of hemato-oncology practitioners, we have poured all the knowledge and experience of the past 30 years into a unique coaching method. 

The beauty of our method – and why we are so excited about what we want to share with you – is how simple it is. The advantage you give yourself comes from mastering only one strategy: The 6 fundamental stages of ultimate success in side effects.


CancerMed’s method is evidence-based and amplified with practice-based measures

With our faster, easier, and patient-driven approach we helped 250+ patients with 98% success to resolve their side effects within 48 hours - without applying any dose modifications or treatment discontinuations.


The unique CancerMed Side Effects Institute team coaching method helps you deliver excellent side effects care, because excellent side effects care makes excellent cancer care possible. 

The method is very simple:

  • Each month we can tackle max 3 topics. Make a "Top 3" list of side effects you want to tackle straight away.
  • Weekly 30 minutes coaching calls with Dr. Christine to discuss one of your top 3 side effects. If warranted, Christine will review your institutional protocols, or will help you generate new ones. Whatever you prefer.
  • Embed the learned measures (and generated protocols) in your Institution right away.
  • The fourth meeting is always evaluating the progress in the 3 topics addressed. If needed, together we will make a plan how to overcome the hurdles in implementing them.

Thanks to the community in CancerMed Valley, the online Side Effects Campus, the support by Dr. Christine herself, and the online masterclasses,
you have an all-in-one package that ensures that you can work towards excellent side effects care delivery.

What participants say about CancerMed's Coaching Method:

"What I love about the coaching are the practical tips (e.g., hamamelis cream).
Also, the networking and sparring during the Q&A sessions. Looking beyond the borders. So inspiring!"
Marianne Klinkhamer, 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Oncology,
Tergooi Hospital, The Netherlands

"Christine stays very herself; it is obvious she knows what she is talking about without overwhelming me with information. I found the practical examples very appealing."

Simone Dokter,
Clinical Nurse Specialist gastrointestinal oncology,
Netherlands Cancer Institute    

"What changed most for me by participating is applying the HHES-method with side effects: Act quick, hard, and short."
Maarten van Elst,

Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology,

UMC Utrecht Cancer Center,

The Netherlands


… is more than a program - it’s a proven process that practically guarantees success

Maybe you’ve heard this before…

“This program is different because _____.”

But if there’s one thing I can promise you at all, it’s that SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING really IS different…

Because this is not another online course where you go through pre-recorded content with limited support or access to ask questions and very little opportunity to engage with coaches and fellow practitioners.

In SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING you are never alone!

And because of this unparalleled support and guidance, with this proven process, we have a 

90%(!) completion rate…
The industry average is

only 9%!

We take you by the hand and walk you through our tested and proven process, week by week

In SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING, we will never give you anything you don’t need. You will not be overwhelmed with complicated strategies you don’t need… 

Instead, we will give you ONLY the clear tasks you need to complete right now so that you’re always able to follow through and take immediate action.

This is the only way you get almost immediate results.

Our motto is: 

We leave no one behind.” We take that seriously.

The coaching process is tailored to you. So it is customization. Of course, you will also be helped by online training courses to increase your knowledge, but in the end, you will embark on a unique customized process together with your coach.

And even though I’m a very realistic person, I can say with confidence that…

This process works like magic!

SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING... an action-oriented team coaching intensive
where you learn how to deliver excellent side effects care.


  • Follow a tested and proven process that takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of excellent side effects care delivery.
  • Get the support and accountability you need to take consistent, bold action (that’s the ONLY way to create results!).
  • Beat procrastination thanks to clear action steps that are easy to follow and implement.
  • Accelerate your side effects practice and finally get side effects in control instead of staying stuck and choosing an escape route,  a dose modification.
  • Celebrate quick wins and create sustainable success at the same time… because you learn an easy-to-apply system once and can apply it on as many side effects as you want!
  • Get clear steps on WHEN and HOW to intervene so that you have no excuses!

Are you ready to deliver excellent side effects care and make excellent cancer care possible…

 without feeling overwhelmed?

Not sure if this side effects program addresses your needs?

Book a Discovery Call without any obligation, where we find out if this program is a fit for you.

30+ years of experience and expertise

 in Side Effects Team Coaching

Helped more than 10,000+ advanced practitioners 

delivering excellent side effects care

Here are all the support and accountability you get with

When you join us for this team coaching intensive, you’ll get:

Weekly 30
minutes of
team coaching

(worth €600 per month)

We schedule a weekly contact moment during which we address one topic of your choice. Examples of topics are: how to address a certain side effect, generate a side effects protocol, generate your interdisciplinary side effects consultant team, etc. Therefore you get clear step-by-step instructions that take the confusion and overwhelm out of your side effects care.

This is how we make weekly progress together!

The focus is entirely on applying up-to-date side effects measures, implementation, and direct results.

Weekly Q&A

(worth €200/month)

As a participant, you have access to the live Q&A sessions every week. Need help with implementation? Brainstorming with other participants?
 Or just need some advice? You can ask all questions in the Q&A.

Access to
of all Calls

(worth €150/month)

So that you can come back to them during the time of the coaching intensive and won’t miss out on anything. Also supports your team members who couldn’t attend live and this way they can quickly catch up.

Side Effects

(worth €29/month)

To connect with other ambitious hemato-oncology professionals, share your wins, and get feedback. You can contact the online community of side effects pros 24/7 with all your questions and/or uncertainties. Christine is available every weekday to answer your questions!

Your Own


To bounce ideas off each other, have a mini-mastermind and get additional peer support.

But there is more…

We have added Amazing Bonuses so that you can get even more out of your

Mobile App

(worth €29 per month)

You get access to the Huddle app. This makes it possible to directly consult all coaching calls, master classes, and associated documentation on the work floor. Very practical.

Easy-to-implement Copy


For all the materials you need to deliver excellent side effects care - from questionnaires to checklists and protocols, you can simply adjust the copy to fit your institution/department needs and save huge amounts of time and money!

(This alone is worth joining


Live Masterclasses & Access to the Recordings

(worth €19 per month)

Every month you can attend live masterclasses and view the recordings in the masterclasses vault. You can apply the practical tips that you receive in these masterclasses immediately and also discuss them with your side effects coach.

Sonja Gründemann:
I was so overwhelmed about the possibilities that are given to help people who have side effects due to cancer treatment. 

Are you also determined to deliver excellent side effects care?




 Payment Methods Accepted:

payment method small

Need help or have questions? Email us at

What makes it so important now and not 3, 6, or 12 months from now
 to make the change today?

Three reasons why you should take action right away:

  • Even today your patients rely on your expertise since they have a huge chance that they will be taken off their lifesaving or life-prolonging cancer treatment today and not just in 6 months. They may have passed away by then.
  • You want to avoid the situations in which: your patients have the feeling you can’t hold what you promised, your colleagues become hesitant to consult you, and physicians will supervise you harder since they are not convinced you can master side effects at least as well as or even better than themselves.
  • You are the pivotal person in the cancer medication chain. As their guide, you are in the position to help your patients overcome their hurdles and have short lines with the physicians. Excellent side effects care delivery will save you time and your institutions’ money. YOU will finally become the go-to person.
Get Licensed as a CancerMed Certified Side Effects Expert



...You need systemic treatment.

You start your treatment journey.

The cancer responds well to this therapy.

The first side effects occur.

They develop from mild to severe.

You are searching for prophylactic and comforting measures to eliminate these side effects.

Actually, you do not get them.

Instead, you get a dose reduction or a treatment delay.

In the worst-case scenario, you will be taken off your lifesaving or life-prolonging treatment.

This is not science fiction.

This is common practice.

So, be prepared.

Learn how to deliver excellent side effects care.

Take advantage of this promotional price until Friday 31 December!

From €497 per month, now temporarily for only


Can be canceled monthly after three months

Not sure if this side effects program addresses your needs?

Book a Discovery Call without any obligation, where we find out if this program is a fit for you.

Read This Carefully

All programs and products created by CancerMed Side Effects Institute are packed full of value, but you need to be willing to take action now, to step up and take advantage of what you get. We guarantee you’ll have all the support, structure, direction, accountability, and advice you need to overcome your challenges and make tangible progress.  

All you need to do is show up, get involved, take action, and trust the process. If you can do that, you can absolutely celebrate amazing results and create real success. We guarantee that we will provide all that you need to accomplish excellent side effects care delivery if you are willing to focus, put your hand up, ask questions in the community, take advantage of the coaching calls, and implement the strategies we share with you.  

Consequently, CancerMed Side Effects Institute has a no refund policy. We believe that guarantees offer an excuse for people to give up – it’s for those who don’t take action. For people who sit on their hands and wonder why nothing’s changing. If that’s you, you’re in the wrong place, and we wish you all the best.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I pay with an invoice instead of paying online?

Answer: Yes, that’s possible too. In that case, we request you to pay quarterly, since taking care of invoices costs a lot of time and attention, which we prefer to put in getting your side effects in control. 

Question: How long does the SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING last?

Answer: This is an ongoing membership. We ask that you make a 3-month commitment to getting the most out of the coaching. After 3 months you can stop your membership. You must submit a notice of cancellation to our team 15 days prior to your automatic renewal.

Question: How do I cancel?

Answer: Just send us an email ( letting us know prior to your monthly renewal (after the first 3 months) and we will take you off the membership subscription.


Question: Will the calls be in English?

Answer: Dr. Christine understands and speaks English, Dutch, and German. So the weekly coaching calls and the documents like your local side effects protocols you want to discuss can be in those three languages. 

The weekly Q&As will be in English since those will be held with all the coaching groups together.

Question: Does the entire team need to attend the calls live?

Answer: No, that’s not necessary and would slow down the progress since it is quite difficult to get everyone on a call. But it is always better to when you join live.

Question: Will the calls be recorded?

Answer: Yes, there will be recordings available for you for the entire length of your membership. 

You will have access to all materials for the time you join.

Team Constitution

Question: Do I need to know the names of all the participants yet?

Answer: No worries. You do not yet need to know the names and email addresses of all the participants who will join you. You can add or modify participants at any time. Just send an email to and our community manager will take care of it.

Question: Can I join even when I’m self-employed?

Answer: Sure you can! In this case, you can invite up to 9 colleagues you want to join the program with. This way you can also share the costs and benefit from each other’s support.

Question: How do my colleagues get access to all the material?

Answer: After your payment, just email the names and best email addresses of your colleagues to and our community manager will take care that you and up to nine colleagues of yours get access to the program.

Return on Investment

Question: Tell me straight: Is this really worth the money?

Answer: YES, if you’re ready to really invest in your side effects care delivery AND you’re ready to implement what you learn. It is very simple: In order to make it work, you need to take action. The strategies we teach will help you treat side effects in less time. So, the real question is: What’s the cost of not investing?

Question: How much time do I need to devote to SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING?

Answer: SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING is about achieving excellent side effects care delivery, so it is 90% action and 10% inspiration and content.
Ideally, you devote about 30 minutes a week to attend the team coaching calls and implement the gained knowledge with every patient consultation.
In addition, ideally, you join the 60-minute coaching calls live or you watch the recordings afterward. 

Question: How much time will we get with Christine?

Answer: Great question! 

You’ll get access to Christine through the weekly team coaching calls, the peer group (the community), including the Q&A calls. 


Question: What do I need to have in place to take this course?

Answer: First, you’ll need reliable internet access and Google Chrome. You do not get access to the online platform with Internet Explorer. 

More importantly, you need to be action-driven and be willing to put in the work. If you’re reading this far, I think you already know you have what it takes.

Question: Can I access the recordings & masterclasses through a mobile device?

Answer: Yes!  Through the ‘Huddle’ app, you have access to all the Masterclasses on the go. You will find instructions in the Welcome Module inside CancerMed Valley -- CancerMed's online Side Effects Campus.

Have a question that's not here?

Email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have or

book a Discovery Call.

Dr. Christine Boers-Doets

Where do you want to be in

3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

If you think not much can change over the course of 3 months, 6 months, or a year, think again.

You can either continue what you’ve been doing, make excuses or do “more of the same”…

And you’ll get the same results.


You can bet on yourself, take a leap, and make massive progress over the coming
3, 6, or 12 months.

  • Imagine having saved time and resources by following a proven structure.
  • Imagine having helped patients take control of their side effects so they were able to complete their life-saving or life-sustaining treatment as planned.
  • Imagine having endowed your patient’s life. Fewer side effects equal more quality of life.

You’ll feel so excited, powerful, and proud! You celebrate your, your team's, and your patient’s wins.

That and so much more are possible for you right now.

But you need to change your course of action to create different and better results.

This is my invitation to you to step up, think big, and take bold action.

And in SIDE EFFECTS TEAM COACHING, we’ll be there to support you every single step of the way.

Are you joining us?

Take advantage of this promotional price until Friday 31 December!

From €497 per month, now temporarily for only


Can be canceled monthly after three months.




 Payment Methods Accepted:

payment method small

Need help or have questions? Email us at

Are you going to leave it as it is, stumble through it all by yourself,
or master it together with experts?

Discovery Call

I'm not sure yet. 

Let's reserve my spot and book my free discovery call
without any obligation first.

Side Effects Team Coaching

Yes, I and up to 9 of my team members want the support, structure, direction, accountability & advice we need to overcome our challenges & make tangible progress in excellent side effects care delivery.

Until December 31 we have a special offer for you

Normally you pay €497 per month, now temporarily only


(the amount per month runs the first 3 months and can be canceled monthly thereafter)

I enjoyed the interactivity
and the teacher's dynamism! 

"I love to have informal exchanges in this group, the conviviality around Dr. Christine Boers-Doets. 
The "Ask Method" and the "Communication Grid” are very useful in daily practice. 

Just the Best!"

Prof. Rene Jean Bensadoun,

Manager at the Center de Haute Energie,


While it is absolutely possible for you to achieve excellent side effects delivery during this coaching program, we cannot take responsibility for your side effects delivery and are not making a specific promise regarding your side effects success score.

If you take action and implement the strategies, you will absolutely see tangible results, but these will differ from practice to practice. Individual outcomes will depend on a lot of factors - skills and capabilities, work ethic, mindset, and diligence in applying these strategies. Taking action is necessary. This is not for you if you won't give effort and time to learn. 

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