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Chris’s family is her fulcrum and everything that makes Chris the person she is today, revolves around that fact. From spending quality time at the beach with her husband and her 3 children near her home, to quiet evenings spent with a glass of good wine and even better food – this makes her complete.

Chris is married to Edwin. Together they have two teenage daughters, Esmée and Danique, and one teenage son, Loran. In her spare time, she loves to run, walk, read and sun bathing.


Chris is an active philanthropist. In her spare time, together with her international, interdisciplinary colleagues and friends, she is running and financing the Impaqtt Foundation that aims to transform the adverse event approach strategy in the world so more patients can complete the cancer treatment as planned.

It is time to change how the world treats the side effects of targeted therapy and immuno-oncology in cancer. More CARE and Less BURDEN. Founded in 2012, the Impaqtt Foundation is an independent foundation helping those suffering from side effects of targeted therapy & immuno-oncology. The headquarter is in The Netherlands and they maintain an international network in over 15 countries.

Watch the crowdfunding campaign video here. The campaign has been finalized, but you can still donate. For more details about the different options, go to the website of the Impaqtt Foundation,

Through her partnership with the Impaqtt Foundation, Chris has provided countless lectures for patients and patient organizations, developed tools that support the Patients Drug Success immediately, and provided consultations for free to those in need.

Help Chris to treat the side-effects so more patients can maintain as long as needed on their oncology drug.

Spread the word on social media through the #MakeIMPAQTT hashtag via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And join the Impaqtt Foundation.

Support the mission of the Impaqtt Foundation to limit adverse events of immuno-oncology and targeted therapy: #MakeImpaqtt #ProlongLife #SafeMillions #SpreadTheWord #DonateNow


What makes CB Boers Organization is two folds.

One is the culture that has been built based on a “Fulfill Your Potential” philosophy that means the more successful you become with oncology drugs, the more successful she becomes with her own potential in supporting you.

Second is her #FamilyFirst mantra. CHRIS treats you as if you were her family and as cliché as it may sound, it’s what has really differentiated her from the rest of the competition.


Chris loves coaching & mentoring leaders throughout the entire Drug Success Chain. She teaches how to achieve Ultimate Drug Success through target strategies and techniques. Chris’s teachings are always practical, to the point and effective.

One of her unique zones are accelerating systems. Tiny changes take so little time and not much money but triggers Ultimate Drug Success.

All her successes have been created with the 80/20 rule and reverse-engineering in mind. Both go hand-in-hand. Her TARGET Strategy is revolutionary. Apply a triple diagnostic approach on adverse events and you will get the same results as with the triple approach in cancer diagnosis.


Why you should work with CHRIS:

  • In general, Chris’s patients do not have to interrupt their treatment due to unmanaged adverse events.
  • In general, Chris’s patients maintain as long as needed on their drug since their adverse events are managed systematically and at an early stage.
  • If you’re looking for extraordinary levels of getting the best out of oncology drugs… Chris will do whatever it takes to guide you there.
  • Chris knows how to simplify big topics and make them actionable.
  • Chris knows how to inspire people to go for their best.


Why Chris wants to work with you:

Because Chris believes that you as a leader are the one who really can make a difference in this world.

  • because you’re committed
  • because you’re determined
  • because you’re not afraid to fail
  • because you do whatever it takes…
  • because you’re fun to work with!

If you are eager to get the best out of oncology drugs…

The world needs you!


Chris is practice changing as Keynote Speaker.

Chris loves people and its evident in everything she does that she wants to make a difference and leave an impact on the world.

What better way of achieving this than sharing her message on stage with you?

Chris has taken her speaking career from being relatively unknown to now speaking on international stages worldwide to very large audiences.

The powerful message of her success is what holds her audiences enthralled from start to finish.

Global Oncology Medication Strategist as trainer

Chris as a Trainer


Chris realized over time, that something that started out as being just another item in her daily schedule, had turned into something she enjoyed and had actually developed into a passion.

This led her to educating herself to one of the highest standards in Drug Success Strategies worldwide.


Chris takes your coaching very seriously. She coaches about achieving Ultimate Drug Success by digging deep into the 7 Pillars of Drug Success, the 7 Success Habits, your Mindset & Strategies. She doesn’t coach from a manual or a script. Every coaching program is individually matched based on experience, needs and desired outcome.

She actually spends 90% of her time doing what she teaches because how can you expect a coach to effectively teach you how the real world works if she is not doing it her selves. The area of cancer treatments changes so rapidly these days and the rhetoric of how it used to work in the old days doesn’t work in today’s cancer practice.

Her Fulfil Your Potential and #FamilyFirst culture and philosophy has led her to coach various disciplines; from global directors, CEO’s, medical directors, product specialists to physicians, nurses, data managers, patients, and their support system. Every stakeholder involved with the safety profile of cancer drugs and their side effects can be coached effectively on their own level. She has achieved successes all over the world. Results don’t lie.


Chris is a Clinician-Scientist who conducts clinical research on a variety of conditions. Immuno-oncology & targeted therapy in cancer have her upmost attention.

Chris is very experienced in all aspects of clinical research including study protocol writing, case report form development, tool development, tool translation, tool validation, data analysis, data interpretation, abstract preparation, publication preparation and presentation.

Chris provides special attention to management of immune-oncology & targeted therapy associated mucocutaneous adverse events. The mucocutaneous adverse events are frequent in those treated with those agents, and they can lead to a significant impact on health related quality of life, as well as modifications in lifesaving antineoplastic therapy. The need to address these poorly understood mucocutaneous adverse events sparked her interest and is her ongoing PhD project. The specific goal of her research program is to develop, translate, validate and implement healthcare provider assessment tools and patient reported outcome measures (PRO), and find and implement practical measures to improve health related quality of life so patients can receive immune-oncology & targeted anticancer therapy full dose on time.

Investigating in Early Phases Research

Chris develops assessment, grading, and education tools, and generates treatment recommendations for immuno-oncology & targeted therapy-associated adverse events. In addition, she educates why it is so, so important to start researching adverse events already in early phases of research.


Research Experience

03/1998 – 2006            Institutional Review Board (IRB) Waterland Hospital, Purmerend, The Netherlands

06/2001 – 09/2007       Institutional Review Board (IRB) Medical Ethics Review Committee “METC Noord Holland”, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

06/2008 – 06/2013      Founder and chair of the Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL. BOOG is the Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep). The Nursing Advisory Board provides practical and logistical advice about the implementation of BOOG trials in clinical settings. The group also participates in the development of nursing protocols and in the review of study information for patients. Chris was chair of the Nursing Advisory Board BOOG-PIVOTAL till June 2013 and is still an BOOG member.

02/2007 – 09/2012       Oncology research coordinator at the Oncology Clinical Trials Office of the Waterland Hospital, Purmerend, The Netherlands

04/2008 – present        PhD Program

Chris as an AUTHOR


Becoming an Drug Success Master in today’s challenging health care is not easy but Chris never gave up on herself to achieve the goals that she had set for her life. This TARGET System book is one of those goals.

Taking the knowledge she has learnt over the years and putting pen to paper she has written her first book that gives you the insight into her journey to becoming a Drug Success Master and what she had learnt along the way from all the very successful adverse event masters, coaches, and mentors that she has been exposed to.


Articles, Abstracts & Posters

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Read more about Chris’s Work

If you want to read more about Chris’s work, you can check her list of scientific publications at PubMed, and Research Gate.

Contact CHRIS

Chris loves hearing from and communicating with visitors to her site directly! However, she’d like you to consider contacting her via LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram too:

Facebook is by far her favorite social media platform. Why? Because it’s easy to use, quick, reliable and is becoming more and more media rich. Be sure to like her Official Facebook Page, because she does share things there that she don’t anywhere else – and don’t forget to choose ‘Get Notifications’ to stay up to date! Ask Chris questions and provide feedback. Click the button below to follow her immediately and easily.

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